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Old 01-09-2018, 09:45 AM
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Default Ruins of Detroit

With Operation Taconite making the news thanks to the extremely cold weather, some interesting locations have shown up in the news. One in particular is Zug Island, just south of Detroit.

It is an artificial island, created when a channel was dug to make navigation easier. It is interesting from a game perspective because of its use. It is extremely industrialized, being used for converting iron ore to iron and early on also for manufacturing steel. The island is closed to the public with limited access and no photography is allowed. There are massive walls that block the view from land. It is still used for iron production today and also has a large coke battery that is operated the electrical utility, DTE.

With all the secrecy around Zug Island, the fact that it has a large amount of sea and rail traffic to this day, and that 4th edition nukes in the area are air burst and the island is only in the 5-10 PSI overpressure area, it would make a fine location for some sort of underground logistical base, either manned or automated like Delta Base.

Just a starter idea if anyone is looking to make an adventure in the Ruins of Detroit.
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