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Old 10-01-2008, 05:23 AM
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Default Gun questions

I normally dont get into weapon discussions. I dont know allot about them, and i really just limit myself to their game stats.

But now, i have two questions.

1) The british L85. Why does it only have a magazine capacity of 20? I thought 30 was the default amount. 20 seems kinda low for an assult rifle. Even the calibre is 5.56 - so i wouldnt have thought it was related to bullet size or anything. Anyone explain why the mag only holds 20?

2) Kind of a gimmicky question, but genuine just the same. The MP-5 has always been portrayed as a superiour weapon. Special teams (SWAT) use them, they're kinda sexy. From my limted reading the weapon is reliable, a nice weight and it all helps the weapon perform "well". Yet its game stats are average, if you didnt know the names of guns, you coudnt pick the MP-5's stats off the page. Is the MP-5 all its cracked up to be? And if so, which stats if any would or should stand out as being above average?
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