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Default Swedish AFVs of Warsaw Pact Provenance (4e)

During the early-to-mid 1990s, Sweden acquired over 600 ex-DDR MT-LB armored tractors which were subsequently modified to Swedish military standards and placed into active service in the Swedish army (some were even deployed with the UN peacekeeping force in Bosnia). One could make a good argument that these MTLBs, known as the Pbv 401 in Swedish service, would have seen action during the Twilight War.

Additionally, during the mid-1990s, Sweden purchased 350 ex-DDR BMP-1s* for use by the Swedish Army. Very quickly, they proved ill-suited to service in snow, and were transferred to Czechia just a few years later. IIRC, from there, they were donated to Ukraine. There's enough overlap between IRL Sweden's acquisition of those BMP-1s in the mid-1990s and the 4e timeline to assume that these BMP-1s were in Swedish inventories when the Twilight War started.

There are a few additional AFVs, mostly of domestic origin, that probably would have been in Swedish service during 4e's Twilight War that, for whatever reasons (probably space and equity), weren't included in the Players Manual or subsequent official supplements. I won't bore you by listing them all here, but the Tank Encyclopedia website has information on the omitted vehicles (as well as the afore-mentioned former DDR AFVs that saw Swedish service).


*For 1e Purists, IRL, in the early 1990s, the reunified Germany made an attempt to bring former-DDR BMP-1s up to Bundeswehr standards.


It stands to reason that a similar process would also have occurred after the 1e timeline's reunification-by-force in 1996.

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