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Old 07-31-2015, 06:06 PM
swaghauler swaghauler is offline
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Originally Posted by LT. Ox View Post
Now that is good. I grew up in Richmond Ca. Worked for Oakland PD. Moved to western Colorado by invitation to a County Sheriff’s Office.
Sooooooo, I am to start and help train a SWAT team, no problem had some very good people to work all with recent military all but one over thirty.
Sheriff wanted me to put together a “new and modern” weapons training program, no problem again a lot of very good people and willing to try new techniques.

But!!! Whenever a call came in that a horse had gotten lose or sheep or cattle or damn emus guess who dispatch gave the call to if I was working, yep the city guy. A good old boy < cowboy from Wyoming, takes me in hand and says “Pard you need to get a Lead??? And keep it in your trunk. “

I got off on the wrong foot with him with my Irish humor and I say to him” you know what the only animal dumber than a horse is? “He looks at me all curious and I tell him “any damn fool that gets on one.” He sort of held that against me for about two years.

Now I have been here for over forty years and have a Granddaughter that rides barrels and is a rodeo Queens attendant, she is fourteen, and guess who bought the dang horse for her and made her white chaps? Would not have it any other way.
Grew up on a farm (Black Angus, and Morgan Horses) here in PA. Round ups are a common call here to. I've Killed more than my share of wildlife that wandered into traffic during my career (PA leads the nation in "deer strikes" involving vehicles). Now my only two "horses" takes premium gas or has "clipless" pedals and dual air suspension with "anti-bob" features.
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Old 07-20-2018, 08:20 PM
.45cultist .45cultist is offline
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Martial arts sparring and knife fighting versus a larger man. Thankfully only MILES gear and never needed to use any of my firearms against humans.
Even the impromptu sparring puts me above the vast majority of people. Folks don't understand real fighting isn't Hollywood choreographed....

There are videos to help non combat folks grapple with combat, Both the 80's TV and training video of the Miami shoot out are online. The traing vid has interviews with the surviving agents. Just ambushed a chicken killing Sow raccoon with my K22/M17.

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Old 07-25-2018, 10:33 PM
Enfield Enfield is offline
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Familial and systemic abuse growing up. When I began getting old enough to stand up to my stepmother's constant physical and mental abuse, I was accused of serious delinquency, my protests were not believed, and I was put first in a mental ward and then into a group home. I was frequently beaten up there and in school until an older kid who was a friend and mentor taught me how to defend myself.

Later in life I lived in a dangerous part of town, lots of meth heads and other nasty folk living there. You had to be ready to defend yourself at any time, including at night when you were asleep. I had to break up fights in the place I worked without getting involved myself. Later on in life I've mostly devoted myself to deescalating things and spotting trouble coming.
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