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Default work in progress

work in progress
The devil

"what is it man" george looked over at shelly, she had tears rolling down her dirty chin, her once beutifull face looked weathered and hardened.
"no fucking valium, i need my valium man... I NEED IT!!!"
"chill girl, for fucks sake... ...we get your valium next shop, now look for the insulin, and grap everything with vitamins in it, we need it"
she whiped her tears, funny how a grown person can return to a childly state when pressed. He did not pitty her, nor did he care anymore if she went of the hook from time to time, they where a team, they had always been a team, and so they would be long in to the future, so he hoped.
the store looked like all the other Duane Reade after the shake of 2011, like hell had driven through it. the squashing of pills under theire feet had an almost soothing sound to them, and looking through a pile of rubbish had never been a problem for them, as they wherent exactly 'square' before 2011. it was almost a blessing in disgues for him knowing that 1.2 billion people had been whiped out in the shake, givin birth to international chaos that followed, he almost felt reborn, none of the ghost of his past could haunt him anymore, his records whiped clean, not litterly, they where proberbly somewhere but no one was there to care. all that was had ended to be, what was left was theires to take, or to "hunt" for. LA had litterly vanished, boston lost all their food after four days, the chaos had ended a billion more within a week, people where openly shooting eachother over bottled water in new york, after the intervuer of mnbc was shot live on the tv, there was only silence from the tv, with the odd message from some leaders and politicians telling people that help where on their way, it never came, but people sat and watched the broadcast signal as long as they had power, then when the power broke down, it all broke down, it was like the line in "take away our playstation and we would be a third world nation" we surely where. In the beginning they met "friends" telling them about nuclear plants going critical and exploding, militias trying to push theire agenda trough a barrel of a gun, but nothing was confirmed, nothing except the chaos that thore appart society as they had known it. einstein was wrong when he said the forth world war would be fought with sticks and stone, they still used guns and bullets like the good ol' times. but there where no longer nations against nation it where man against man. it didnt take long for diseases to ride the rest of the population like a mare, and the stench of decaying flesh could be smelt for months. it had been two months since they last talked to another person, they shunned them, or the other way arround. eather way, there where no friendly faces left, only distrusting faces had been kept. some of the last people they met spoke of the rapture, and that God had cleansed the world. a lie, if God had taken the good people away shelly would been gone... ...no God had probarbly died in the big one like all the other idiots in there fancy cars and appartments. living under a bridge saved shelly and himself.
"One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop."
- G. Weilacher
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