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Old 11-24-2022, 01:45 PM
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Default US nuclear map target + refineries

Green = likely intact refinery
Blue = possibly intact refinery
Red = destroyed refinery

Target map is from the GDW 1.0/2.0 canon nuclear target list duplicated in various sources (Challenge, Howling Wilderness, 2.0 Main Rules). The only modification I made to the nuclear targets is adjusting nudets to yield (for example, if GDW listed 1.5 MT for a target, that became 3x500kt nuclear detonations). PSI rings are 5.0 PSI, 2.0 PSI, and 1.0 PSI.

Refinery list is compiled from the list of US refineries compiled by the EIA from 1997:


From there I extracted the refineries producing alkanes and aromatics (primary inputs into fuel production), and did my best to geolocate the refineries.

Note, some of the refineries that existed in 1997 are gone. One in Long Beach is now office warehouse space, you can't event tell that a refinery used to be there. Many of the others have changed names from what is listed on the map and in the Excel, as a lot of the companies have gone through mergers, and refineries have been sold and acquired.

In some cases, the refinery lat and lon may not match up exactly with the historical equivalents. Some of the areas (Long Beach, Baytown, Beaumont, Louisiana) are positively congested with refineries, with one refinery adjacent to another refinery and both refineries having undergone 3-4 name changes since 1997, and so it's probable that some lat/lons are transposed. In all of these cases, however, it doesn't really matter because all of the affected refineries were destroyed by nukes.
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