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Old 07-19-2011, 08:01 PM
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Exclamation Forum Guidelines

T2K Forum Guidelines

Hello and welcome to the finest forum dedicated to all things Twilight 2000 on the internet. We welcome like-minded T2K enthusiasts to make use of everything the forum has to offer, and to share their knowledge, experience, and educated opinions with the rest of the community. In order to make your experience here a pleasant one, we respectfully request that you abide by the following guidelines at all times.

Keep It Civil

We can all agree to disagree but let's make sure to do so respectfully. No name-calling, sarcasm, or other childishness is appropriate or welcome here. If you are upset with someone and want them to know about it, send them a PM and try to work it out privately. If another member is really getting on your nerves, you can use the forum tools to place that person on your ignore list. We don't tolerate flame wars here.

Hate speech of any kind is strictly forbidden. Slurs pertaining to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation will result in a permanent ban from this forum.

Please don't attempt to incite internecine forum conflict with deliberately provocative and/or inflammatory posts. In inter-web parlance, don't be a troll.

Keep It Constructive

Folks post a lot of original T2K material here, most of it of the highest quality. Many contributors invite and welcome constructive criticism. If, however, they do not solicit feedback, then it's poor form to pipe in give it anyway. And please, don't post just to tear down the hard work of others. If you really don't like something that someone else has posted, and can't express this respectfully and with the intention of creating a constructive dialogue with the poster, then you should probably just keep it to yourself.

Keep It Yours OR Give Credit Where It Is Due

If you post the work of others, please make sure to publicly attribute the work to its original author. Claiming authorship of someone else's work constitutes plagiarism. When you don't explicitly attribute material to its original author, or cite it in any way, you imply that it is your own original material. This meets the technical definition of plagiarism and could also constitute copyright infringement. This could have adverse effects not only for the plagiarist, but for this entire forum as well.

If you are going to post excerpts of other people's work, it must be attributed or cited it in some way. You probably don't need to bother with proper APA or MLA citation formats for everything you repost (although this may be a good idea), but you must clearly attribute authorship to everything that you post. If you can't remember/find the original source, post something along those lines.

Keep It Legal

We do not tolerate piracy or copyright infringement here. Do not post links to bit-torrents or other illegal content-sharing sites.

Keep it On Topic

Please try to stay on the topic of the thread. Please do not make posts empty of content; particularly, the Original Post (OP) of each thread should include some basis for discussion relating to Twilight 2000 or should be clearly labeled as OT in the thread title. Subsequent posts should address the subject of the OP. If you wish to explore a tangent, please start another thread or ask a mod to split the original thread. We'll be happy to oblige.

Since this forum has been around so long, chances are pretty good that any given topic already has a thread or two dedicated to it. You can use the search function and/or consult the thread map to see if there's already a thread on a topic you would like to discuss. We encourage thread necromancy here.

Bottom line, in internet parlance, no thread-jacking or thread-crapping, please.

Keep it Apolitical

Partisan politics tend to lead to nastiness, so please don't push your political views and/or agendas on this forum.

If You Refuse To Follow These Guidelines…

Failure to follow these forum guidelines will result in administrative action. This could be a warning, a temporary ban, or even permanent banishment from the forum community.

If you have any issues, concerns, or complaints regarding the forum guidelines, or wish to address a potential violation, please contact one of the moderators via PM.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Author of Twilight 2000 adventure modules, Rook's Gambit and The Poisoned Chalice, the campaign sourcebook, Korean Peninsula, the gear-book, Baltic Boats, and the co-author of Tara Romaneasca, a campaign sourcebook for Romania, all available for purchase on DriveThruRPG:


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