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Old 01-22-2024, 06:38 PM
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Default CONUS Factions

Besides the big canonical groups like MilGov, CivGov, and New America, what are some factions that one might encounter in a CONUS-based campaign?

I briefly ran a CONUS based campaign set in the Arklamiss region. Since canon doesn't place significant Soviet or Cuban forces in the area to serve as the campaign's OPFOR, I had to look elsewhere for potential bad guys. Organized crime seemed like a good place to start.

Prison gangs:


Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs:


Political Radicals:


There were also plenty of far-left group active in the USA during the Cold War.


Cults are a favorite T2k trope of mine. My players might even say that I'm too fond of them.


If you can, please add to the list. Any addition needn't be a black hat faction. Potential good guys, allies, and/or neutral factions can be just as important for a well-built CONUS-based sandbox.

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