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Old 09-16-2020, 05:07 PM
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there were still chains of command in a lot of modules - but in some that chain was pretty short (i.e. for instance Satellite Down) or mentioned but not majorly detailed (Last Submarine Trilogy)

To me the chain of command modules and sourcebooks were more like The Keep on the Borderlands - i.e. you have a safe area where you can rest, buy supplies, maybe recruit new men (after a character gets killed) - and then outside the Keep its the Wild West - so even if you get sent somewhere by "The Old Man" you are pretty much on your own once you clear the "civilized area"

thats why I liked Kings Ransom - chain of command mission puts you the wild areas and leads directly to taking your chances trying to get rich from the info you gather doing it - so you get to do both styles of the game -
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