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Old 01-21-2010, 11:07 PM
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Default Twilight 2000 D20?

Indy 06-15-2004, 01:18 PM I have heard/read rumors of a D20 T2K,set to be released this summer.Can anyone confirm/deny this? I would greatly welcome this if it is indeed true. Thanks much.


shrike6 06-15-2004, 03:32 PM I know a D20 version based off Traveller20 is under development from QLI/RPGREALMS PUBLISHING but I hadn't heard that they had a release date on it. You may want to go to the CoI Twilight forum http://www.travellerrpg.com/cgi-bin/...ubb=forum;f=29 Sgt. Biggles over there is working on it. http://www.travellerrpg.com/cgi-bin/...;f=29;t=000052 http://www.travellerrpg.com/cgi-bin/...;f=29;t=000049


Grimace 06-15-2004, 08:28 PM Ack! They're ruining it!

The D20 system should never be used for Twilight.


shrike6 06-15-2004, 08:38 PM True I'm not a real big fan of D20 either, although I'm looking forward to seeing this to see how they revise the timeline and also to see what information they provide for other areas of the world

Originally posted by Sgt. Biggles March 23, 2004 05:03 AM


The decision to stay with the original timeline has been the source of a lot of discussion. The original concept was to be a 2020 setting which would maintain the feeling of "This could really happen." M. Miller holds the rights to the GDW games and in conjunction with QLI, myself and even Colin (2330AD) we batted the various ideas around.

The end result was to keep the original timeline. The final timeline will be a mix of Ver 1, Ver 2 and real world events, but the game will still start in June 2000. Through several discussions here it looks like the majority of members tend to lean toward maintaining the original timeline, looking to game play as more important than when it occurred.

Although I pushed for the future timeline, I am pleased with how the rewrite has turned out. MJD will add some polishing and I think you all will be pleased as well. After spending some time on adjusting and adding the rules base I have focused on the setting and the quality of play. I have attempted to add a greater depth for role-playing instead of the "kill everything and then sort it out" style of play inherent to Ver 1.

While the game still starts in Poland, it should be very easy for referees to adjust the setting to their favorite local. There has been a lot of talk about a Canadian focus, as well as an Asian and Australian setting. These should be easy to create using the information provided in the Source Book. I am looking forward to reading about the new games that referees and players will bring to life when the Twilight Source Book hits the shelves.


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jtar7242 06-17-2004, 02:22 AM D20 is horrible. This idea doesn't interest me in the slightest. D20 barely works for a fantasy setting, and I'd hoped that all the horrible failures that have been ever other modern attempt at D20 would have convinced the rest of the world of the same.


ReHerakhte 06-17-2004, 05:28 AM Having trifled with DnD 3rd Ed and been subjected to the rabid ravings of a friend who must be close to the biggest Star Wars fan in Perth (my home town) about playing the new version of the Star Wars RPG, I have become reasonably well acquainted with the D20 OGL and I am not a big fan.

Partially because I despise the practice of setting challenges to match the level of the PC party, i.e. at low levels, you set the party against low level enemies and as they gain levels, they would (by the rules of the system), never meet those lower level enemies again because they are not considered a challenge anymore. Also, at low levels, they will never meet a challenge that's too hard for them, otherwise the rules consider that you are doing something wrong.

And the, for me, classic statement from the DnD Dungeon Master's Guide which says something along the lines of ...by 5th level, your PC party should all have at least +2 magic swords, if they aren't, then you're doing something wrong...

But specifically because you get the sort of situation where the 10th level warrior type can shrug of damage from something like a burst of machinegun fire because he has 110 hit points and the MG only does something like 2d10 damage.

Anyways, that's my opinion (brain fart) on the matter...




jtar7242 06-18-2004, 03:55 AM Add to it the fact that levels quickly make firearms less effective, and the level progression system just doesn't work for modern.

Only systems that allow players to marginally improve work for modern campaigns. Can you image a 17th level Marine Infantryman who can shrug off multiple rounds from a .50 cal machinegun simply because he's got a good combo of feats and a lot of hitpoints?

D20 has never once worked for a modern or scifi game, and I dare someone to give me an example. Honestly, I can't say I've played them all, but it doesn't take many failed attempt to notice a trend, unless you are a glutton for punishment.

Violent encounters in RPGs should always unnerve players. In fantasy games, it isn't so important, because a little bit of high fantasy and daring swordbattles are expected. However, in an environment where small bits of hot screaming metal are zipping through the air, characters should rightly be concerned that there could be that one bullet with their name on it out there. It encourages them to make plans, play smart, and use a bit of ingenuity. D20 just can't deliver that unles you plan to leave them at first level for their whole careers. Plus, I've never liked a hit point system anyway.

No thank you. Honestly, the best thing to do with T2K is to combine v1 and v2. Some friends of mine and I did it, taking what was good from both and combining them. The two systems are actually closer than they appear.


Antenna 06-19-2004, 12:04 PM Well, I could see how a Lvl 15 Swedish Infantry man in D20 would look like




TR 06-19-2004, 12:57 PM And this Swedish Infantryman isn't even carrying a field pack! You figure he must tow a trailer behind him with all the rest of his gear...


Antenna 06-19-2004, 01:44 PM TR, haven't you heard that Swedish Army has issued Bag of Holding in pocket size



jtar7242 06-20-2004, 06:49 PM It's the Cargo Pocket of Holding.


ReHerakhte 06-21-2004, 03:29 AM It's the Cargo Pocket of Holding.

Cool... now which leg is it on because if I go to stuff a few LAW rockets in there and get the wrong leg, some of the ladies might get the impression I've got more in my trousers than I'm entitled to

Cheers (and wishful thinking )



Chuck Mandus 07-01-2004, 09:42 PM Originally posted by Antenna

Well, I could see how a Lvl 15 Swedish Infantry man in D20 would look like


Heh, he reminds me of one of the characters from the 1988 parody of "Blaxploitation films" called "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" where one of the characters loaded up on weapons as they were piling into the car to get the villain, "Mr. Big." the character was loaded with handguns, AK-47's, bands of ammo, etc. He tripped and fell and all the ammo and guns went off and exploded and so he expired. Well maybe if he was at Level 15, perhaps he would have survived those few broken nails.


Chuck Mandus 07-01-2004, 09:45 PM Originally posted by TR

And this Swedish Infantryman isn't even carrying a field pack! You figure he must tow a trailer behind him with all the rest of his gear...

Nah, he actually has a string on M1 tanks that follow him around after he casts the spell of "Tenser's tank and vehicle control" over them.

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