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Old 01-22-2010, 12:47 AM
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Default Automatic Rifles

kcdusk 11-21-2005, 12:37 AM Automatic Rifles (all kinds) and some other machine guns (ROF 10) can really spew the led out!

For a newbie or Rambo fan who at least knows the M60, when they see how tame it is verse one of these other babies will get a shock.

The M249 or M240 both have much better stats. I'm just looking at these items from a T2K stats point of view. Thats all i have, thats all i'll need em for.


Lindgaard 11-21-2005, 02:28 AM "The M249 or M240 both have much better stats"

Yes, but are they available ? I think there are many more M60's around than M249's and m240's . . please correct me if I'm wrong :-)

Automatic rifles generally have very high recoil on full auto, limiting the amount of accurate fire they can deliver. The M249 is a special case having recoil 3 on full auto with and without tripod ! Personally I think thats a mistake and in my group we have set the recoil to 6 on full auto without tripod.

Then again its damage is only 2 compared to 3 for all other 5.56 mm weapons . . . I don't think a 5.56 mm bullet from a M249 hurts less than one fired from an M16 :-) that's why we have given it dam 3 just like other similar weapons

kind regards



pmulcahy 11-21-2005, 04:23 PM "The M249 or M240 both have much better stats"

Yes, but are they available ? I think there are many more M60's around than M249's and m240's . . please correct me if I'm wrong :-)

In the Twilight 2000 world, the M-60 is by far the most common GPMG in the US military (and several others, like South Korea). The M-240 and its variants are probably in their infancy as far as issuing them goes (except as coaxials on some armored vehicles), with the exception of the Marines, who got theirs years earlier than the Army. There may be about parity for SAWs with the M-60 in regular Army and Marine units, but in National Guard and Reserve units, the M-60 will be king. Reportedly, Special Ops units did not like the SAW, and by far preferred the M-60 and its variants until the M-240 came along (and for some applications, still use the more compact M-60).


Abbott Shaull 11-21-2005, 04:55 PM Yes, in the terms of t2k war. The M240 would be rare find in US Army unless it was mounted onto a vehicle. This would be one of the few times when the Marines had the better tool to play with within their Infantry Companies.

One also has to remember that the M60 in some Speical Ops unit isn't treated as crew serve weapon. It is used as individual weapon much like the SAW/M249 is in the Army and Marine Rifle Companies. So wasn't too surprising that they passed on the SAW as for the purpose of Light Machinegun. In their eyes can you blame them. The 7.62N vs the 5.56N in their small unit... hmmm... Hard choice, but easy answer hands down. It is like the other thread lately... Where everyone seems to perfer the older FAL and such weapons along with various sniper weapons over the modern ones. It is basically stopping power.

With that said, for squad level weapon the M249 isn't too bad. As long as you can call upon Platoon assets quickly as well as in a pinch you can use M16 magazine, but you go through hell alot of them.

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