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Old 01-21-2010, 11:57 PM
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Default Antenna plays with photoshop

Antenna 12-08-2005, 05:51 PM Was those M60A2 turrets really scrapped ? Or was they stored for further development and research ?

Well, me doing photoshopping tonite before bed

Behold Cadillac Gage Starship Mk 2




Time for your medication Mr Brown .... Muhahahahhaha

And White zombie starts playing



The bacground picture is from TRs pages ... the turret ... somewhere else



Antenna 12-08-2005, 08:47 PM So now when some of you seen my frankenstein-tank .... Would there be creations like this after thanksgiving-97 ? If we could speculate that barrels to armor vehicles has a wearout time after X number of shots would there be chanse that old system would be dusted of just to give that extra tank for the CONUS or any other theater ?

Or is it just me that likes to get little bit "Mad Max" from time to time

Well, now when the post have couple of hours on its neck, my question out to you is .... Have you played T2k with an undertone of Mad Max.... That would be anything like trading an armored vehicle that you cannot afford the ammo for scrap to build your own fleat of FAVs or anything more organized like the creation I have here ?

Well, this picture I say it is only me that was bored today for a slight moment and got one of my vicked ideas again

But frankly I can tell I done twin M61 gatlingguns as Indirect fire support vehicles on a HEMTT.... that was later traded for scrap in krakow to build 4 FAVs (2 and 3 men) for my groups PCs and NPCs .... Of course when you wanna get a crowd happy from playing this is one of the good sides of T2k as a concept if you own FF&S to build any kind of vehicle .... But of course you cannot get an optimized FAV... It will be heavier couse of older and heavier transmissions etc

But I tell my crowd spent at least 4 gamenights to talk about what they could build and not build If this is RPG? I can tell it shurly is, couse now they got a feeling that these FAVs is precious, even more precious then if you give them 3 M1A2's and a HEMTT with AvGas Couse they been in the process of designing their own concept of warfare against anything they will meet.

I dunno me and my crowd (especially me) haven't had so fun this fall and winter playing T2k, so really getting to krakow and trade that APC for scrap with the local Krakow ORMO and then have the mechanics in the group get wild ... I think that is a concept that get a group work really well.

A note just I gave them Excel sheets (custom made for FAVs) so they could build anything up to AV:5 as armor on the FAVs at different locations and a set of parts that was aviable for them to build their gears .... So they finally understood the price you had to pay for an armored FAV...

Mad Maximize your T2k and you can see that the group gets sour when the transmission of one of the FAV breaks down ....



Targan 12-09-2005, 01:11 AM Given that the M1 Abrams and M2 Bradley both have fuel-hogging powerplants and are fairly high-tech vehicles, and given that armies replace components like turrets but not entire chassis, I suspect it might be more likely that M1 and M2 turrets would be grafted onto older chassis.


TR 12-10-2005, 09:19 AM UGLY! Yes, that's a monstrosity there... and I'm not saying that because I love the Stingray tank either (or maybe I am)...


Chuck Mandus 12-11-2005, 02:46 PM Neat looking tank you have there, might use it for my Morrow Project game if I ever get it running. I always thought it would have been cool in Twilight that if CivGov or MilGov ever started to make replacement tanks, they probably would have to stick an M-60 engine into any new M-1 tanks they would make. I know the think might be able to only go about the same speed as an M48/60 tankplus it would be noisy but I think it could work. I know in some Morrow Project games, their are such M-1 tanks made by one "country" called "The Kentucky Free State."


pmulcahy 12-11-2005, 10:25 PM This brings up a really good point -- as vehicles break down or get only partially destroyed, and production and delivery of new combat vehicles comes grinding to a halt, they may get amalgamated into composite vehicles on a regular basis (as compatibility and ingenuity allows). One might see almost anything that the "laws of mechanics" allow! Even in our world, we have such things (mostly to save money for the smaller and less well-off armies) -- we have 120mm guns being put on upgraded T-55s, M-1 turrets on M-60 hulls, MiG-21 aircraft which are for all intents and purposes Western aircraft on the inside, etc. The Chinese, Ukrainians, and Israelis are especially good at this -- they use or offer for export a large amount of vehicles like this.


Abbott Shaull 12-13-2005, 03:31 AM Yikes an 120mm gun on a T55. Not my idea of a fun vehicle to ambush anymore. Hey, wait a minute, it never was.

With the mention of the Isrealis is that they live in on the few areas where almost anything with armor and large gun is used quite often as Tank. No matter if it was from WWII or modern Light Tank or one of the newest Isreali Tanks. They are used as tanks and the Isrealis seem to be one of the few armies tht have the ability to take capture tanks and then get them ready for use against their former owners. During the t2k war to start out with this wouldn't be an option for most Armies, but as 1998 drags into 1999 there will be more and more of this done by units as they came across abandoned vehicles for any reason. By 1999 even a IFV would be used more and more in roles that tanks held before the breakdown of civilization.


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