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Originally Posted by Jason Weiser View Post
Try worse for our East Germans...assuming they survived the 1996 Spring Offensive, where so many of their brethren wound up dead or in the bag, then add in the fact that the East Germany they fought for..no longer exists, and the Soviets either:

1) Forcibly disarmed them and turned them into forced labor/POWs (or both).

2) Allowed them to be reformed into a brigade sized unit and sent to go the most dangerous tasks..with a permanently attached KGB unit there to make sure "these Germans remain loyal."

I'm leaning towards something more like the latter.

Among PACT troops in the Far East, I think that the Soviets would have done everything in their power to censor news of developments in Germany. This probably would have entailed attaching more Soviet minders. I see them pretending it never happened and continuing to employ whatever NVA troops were still in theater. News would leak through eventually, possibly coming from PLA propaganda units, but the Soviets would deny any claims of German reunification and persecute those in their ranks caught spreading them.

In the summer of '97, the Soviet Far East command would callously use the fragments of the last NVA units in the theater as a speed bump to slow any Chinese pursuit during the PACT general withdrawal.

It would probably be at this point when I'd start the campaign.
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