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Default USAR Combat Divisions, 1962 (Twilight 1964)

I don't know how much interest there is in this setting still beyond myself. A couple days ago, something got me to thinking about the combat units of the Army Reserve that existed up until 1965. They were referred to as the Reinforcing Reserve, the surviving divisions after several were reduced to independent brigades in 1963. The 1965 letter of instruction directing their inactivation stated that "The USAR Reinforcing Reserve units are not included in any plans" before ordering their disbandment in place of the Selected Reserve Force.

What follows is a best effort to compile at least the combat units of each of the ten USAR combat infantry divisions active when the war in Twilight 1964 began and their home stations. Unfortunately, while some digging uncovered records on most armor/cavalry/artillery/infantry units, it was difficult to find anything on supporting units. Additionally, many artillery units did not have their gun-type included in anything I was able to uncover.

63rd Infantry Division
-3rd Battle Group, 21st Infantry (ex-63rd Recon Co.): Santa Barbara, CA
-3rd Battle Group, 31st Infantry (ex-253rd Inf): Los Angeles, CA
-3rd Battle Group, 30th Infantry (ex-254th Inf): Pasadena, CA
-3rd Battle Group, 27th Infantry (ex-255th Inf): Los Angeles, CA
-3rd Battle Group, 15th Infantry (ex-2/254th Inf): Santa Ana, CA
-5th Reconnaissance Squadron, 8th Cavalry: San Diego, CA
-7th Medium Tank Battalion, 40th Armor: El Monte, CA
Division Artillery
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 11th Artillery: Fresno, CA
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 19th Artillery: San Bernadino, CA
-4th Rocket Howitzer Battalion, 21st Artillery: Bell, CA
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 35th Artillery: Pasadena, CA
-3rd Howitzer Battalion, 77th Artillery: Van Nuys, CA

77th Infantry Division
-1st Battle Group, 305th Infantry: Long Island City
-1st Battle Group, 306th Infantry: Jamaica
-1st Battle Group, 307th Infantry: Bronx
-3rd Battle Group, 1st Infantry (ex-2/305th Inf): New York City
-3rd Battle Group, 26th Infantry (ex-1/306th Inf): New York City
-3rd Reconnaissance Squadron, 10th Cavalry: Long Island City
-5th Medium Tank Battalion, 68th Armor: Bronx
Division Artillery
-6th Howitzer Battalion, 5th Artillery: Bronx
-6th Howitzer Battalion, 7th Artillery: White Plains
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 12th Artillery: Hempstead
-6th Howitzer Battalion, 31st Artillery: New York City
-3rd Howitzer Battalion, 73d Artillery: Poughkeepsie

79th Infantry Division
-3rd Battle Group, 12th Infantry (ex-319th Inf, 80 ID): Baltimore, MD
-1st Battle Group, 315th Infantry: Philadelphia, PA
-1st Battle Group, 313th Infantry: Harrisburg, PA
-1st Battle Group, 314th Infantry: Pittsburgh, PA
-3rd Battle Group, 34th Infantry (ex-2/314th Inf): Uniontown, PA
-3rd Reconnaissance Squadron, 9th Cavalry: Philadelphia, PA
-6th Medium Tank Battalion, 68th Armor: Allentown, PA
Division Artillery
-6th Rocket Battalion, (HJ), 1st Artillery: Harrisburg, PA
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 9th Artillery: Washington, PA
-3d Howitzer Battalion, 15th Artillery: Reading, PA
-3d Howitzer Battalion, 27th Artillery: Pittsburgh, PA
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 37th Artillery: Philadelphia, PA

81st Infantry
-3rd Battle Group, 29th Infantry (ex-519th Inf): Columbus, GA
-1st Battle Group, 322nd Infantry: Athens, GA
-3rd Battle Group, 47th Infantry (ex-3/322nd Inf): Atlanta, GA
-1st Battle Group, 345th Infantry: Nashville, TN
-4th Battle Group, 32nd Infantry (ex-2/345th Inf): Knoxville, TN
-3rd Reconnaissance Squadron, 15th Cavalry: Atlanta, GA
-5th Medium Tank Battalion, 69th Armor: Athens, GA
Division Artillery
-3d Rocket Howitzer Battalion, (HJ), 8th Artillery: Rome, GA
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 10th Artillery: Asheville, NC
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 12th Artillery: Atlanta, GA
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 16th Artillery: Greenville, SC
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 18th Artillery: Catanooga, TN
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 22d Artillery: Greenville, SC
-306th Medical Battalion

83rd Infantry Division
-3rd Battle Group, 28th Infantry (ex-331st Infantry): Akron, OH
-3rd Battle Group, 11th Infantry (ex-336th Infantry): Cincinnati, OH
-3rd Battle Group, 2nd Infantry (ex-332nd Infantry): Columbus, OH
-3rd Battle Group, 10th Infantry (ex-1st Bn, 331st Inf): Cleveland, OH
-4th Battle Group, 19th Infantry (ex-398th Inf, 100th Div): South Charleston, WV
-4th Reconnaissance Squadron, 9th Cavalry: Mansfield, OH
-7th Medium Tank Battalion, 68th Armor: Salem, OH
Division Artillery
-7th Howitzer Battalion, (105mm towed), 1st Artillery: Cleveland, OH
-9th Rocket Howitzer Battalion, (Honest John), 9th Artillery: Lima, OH
-5th Howitzer Battalion, (105mm SP), 14th Artillery: Toledo, OH
-5th Howitzer Battalion, (105mm towed), 15th Artillery: Dayton, OH
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 27th Artillery: Chillicothe, OH
-7th Howitzer Battalion, (155mm/8in towed), 28th Artillery: Columbus, OH
-83rd Supply and Transport Battalion
-308th Medical Battalion
-783rd Maintenance Battalion
-83rd Signal Battalion
-308th Engineer Battalion

90th Infantry Division
-1st Battle Group, 358th Infantry: Bryan, TX
-1st Battle Group, 359th Infantry: Dallas, TX
-3rd Battle Group, 20th Infantry (ex-2/359th Inf): Houston, TX
-1st Battle Group, 357th Infantry: San Antonio, TX
-3rd Battle Group, 23rd Infantry (ex-3/357th Inf): Harlingen, TX
-4th Reconnaissance Squadron, 15th Cavalry: San Antonio, TX
-5th Medium Tank Battalion, 37th Armor: Laredo, TX
Division Artillery
-3rd Rocket Howitzer Battalion, (HJ), 12th Artillery: Dallas, TX
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 15th Artillery: San Antonio, TX
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 17th Artillery: Beaumont, TX
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 19th Artillery: Bryan, TX
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 77th Artillery: Austin, TX
-3rd Howitzer Battalion, 78th Artillery: Amarillo, TX

94th Infantry Division
-3rd Battle Group, 5th Infantry (ex-301st Inf): Boston, MA
-3rd Battle Group, 13th Infantry (ex-302nd Inf): Roslindale, MA
-3rd Battle Group, 16th Infantry (ex-376th Inf): Worcester, MA
-3rd Battle Group, 18th Infantry (ex-3/301st Inf): Lawrence, MA
-3rd Battle Group, 35th Infantry (ex-2/376th Inf): Springfield, MA
-4th Reconnaissance Squadron, 5th Cavalry: Boston, MA
-9th Medium Tank Battalion, 34th Armor: Boston, MA
Division Artillery
-5th Rocket Howitzer Battalion, (HJ), 5th Artillery: Boston, MA
-7th Howitzer Battalion, 7th Artillery: Worcester, MA
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 10th Artillery: Needham, MA
-6th Howitzer Battalion, 11th Artillery: Cambridge, MA
-3rd Howitzer Battalion, 22d Artillery: Springfield, MA
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 73d Artillery: Lawrence, MA

96th Infantry Division
-1st Battle Group, 381st Infantry: Great Falls, MT
-1st Battle Group, 383rd Infantry: Fort Douglas, UT
-3rd Battle Group, 38th Infantry (ex-382nd Engineer Grp): Provo, UT
-3rd Battle Group, 22nd Infantry (ex-3/381st Inf): Boise, ID
-1st Battle Group, 59th Infantry: Phoenix, AZ
-4th Reconnaissance Squadron, 8th Cavalry: Salt Lake City, UT
-8th Medium Tank Battalion, 40th Armor: Tucson, AZ
Division Artillery
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 2nd Artillery: Twin Falls, ID
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 9th Artillery: Phoenix, AZ
-4th Rocket Howitzer Battalion, (HJ), 11th Artillery: Salt Lake City, UT
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 21st Artillery: Ogden, UT
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 34th Artillery: Salt Lake City, UT
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 35th Artillery: Billings, MT

102nd Infantry Division
-3rd Battle Group, 7th Infantry (ex-85th QM; Co. A, Co. B, Tk Co. of 338th Inf.): Danville, IL
-3rd Battle Group, 9th Infantry (ex-2/405th Inf): Quincy, IL
-4th Battle Group, 6th Infantry (ex-2/407th Inf): St. Louis, MO
-3rd Battle Group, 4th Infantry (ex-3/407th Inf): Fairfield, IL
-3rd Battle Group, 14th Infantry (ex-406th Inf): Kansas City, MO
-4th Reconnaissance Squadron, 4th Cavalry: Kansas City, MO
-4th Medium Tank Battalion, 35th Armor: St. Louis, MO
Division Artillery
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 13th Artillery: St. Louis, MO
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 14th Artillery: Wood River, IL
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 20th Artillery: Decatur, IL
-3rd Rocket Howitzer Battalion, (HJ), 31st Artillery: St. Joseph, MO
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 34th Artillery: Belleville, IL
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 78th Artillery: Kansas City, MO

103rd Infantry Division
-1st Battle Group, 409th Infantry: Roseville, MN
-1st Battle Group, 411th Infantry (ex-3/411th Inf): Madison, WI
-3rd Battle Group, 17th Infantry (ex-Co. I, 410th Inf): Council Bluffs, IA
-1st Battle Group, 410th Infantry: Iowa City, IA
-3rd Battle Group, 3rd Infantry: Fort Snelling, MN
-5th Reconnaissance Squadron, 4th Cavalry: Ottumwa, IA
-4th Medium Tank Battalion, 33rd Armor: Fort Snelling, MN
Division Artillery
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 8th Artillery: Milwaukee, WI
-6th Howitzer Battalion, 13th Artillery: Fort Snelling, MN
-3rd Howitzer Battalion, 14th Artillery: Sioux City, IA
-3d Howitzer Battalion, 20th Artillery: Ames, IA
-4th Howitzer Battalion, 31st Artillery: Fort Snelling, MN
-3rd Rocket Howitzer Battalion, (HJ), 34th Artillery: Green Bay, WI

Non-Divisional Units (Not exhaustive):
Mostly included because of their curious nature, or for being non-divisonal combat units.
-100th Battle Group, 442nd Infantry: Honolulu, HI
-773rd Transportation Company (Medium Truck) (Petroleum): 1st Army
-4th Medium Tank Battalion, 67th Armor: Wheeling, WV
-5th Howitzer Battalion (8 inch self-propelled), 28th Artillery: 2nd Army
-379th Military Police Detachment (Crime Laboratory): 2nd Army
-402nd Military Police Prisoner of War Camp: 2nd Army
-142nd Transportation Detachment (Highway Regulation Point): 2nd Army
-5th Battalion (175mm gun SP), 28th Artillery: 2nd Army
-Battery C (Searchlight), 29th Artillery: 2nd Army
-4th Howitzer Battalion (8" howitzer), 17th Artillery: 3rd Army
-3rd Medium Tank Battalion, 67th Armor: Tallahassee, FL
-5th Howitzer Battalion (105mm towed), 79th Artillery: 3rd Army
-4th Howitzer Battalion (8" howitzer), 82nd Artillery: 3rd Army
-4th Howitzer Battalion (8" howitzer), 83rd Artillery: 3rd Army
-329th Ambulance Train (Rail): 3rd Army
-369th Ambulance Train (Rail): 3rd Army
-432nd Signal Detachment (Airplane Observation): 3rd Army
-5th Howitzer Battalion, 13th Infantry: 5th Army
-511th Transportation Platoon (BARC): 5th Army

"Pentomic" division table of organization from Army Reserve Magazine, 1958.

-US Army Center for Military History Lineage Series: Armor-Cavalry Vol. 1, Regular Army and Reserve
-US Army Center for Military History Lineage Series: Field Artillery, Part 1 and 2
-Army Reserve Magazine, Vol. 1-10, 1954-1963
-GO #14, 1961
-GO #14, 1963
-GO #8, 1964

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