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Old 03-05-2021, 06:32 AM
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Default Water from atmospheric moisture

I posted this on the Twilight: 2000 forum because I thought it would be of general interest but I completely forgot to post it here.

Anyway... we have this: -

It's basically a tower holding up some fabric to collect atmospheric moisture which then drips down to a collection vessel at the centre.
This is what I posted on the T2k forum: -

Even though this might appear to be a new idea, the principle has been used in the past to collect water, everything from tying rags around your legs to soak up water as you walk through sodden grass to hanging out sheets during misty weather or at night to collect morning dew.
What makes this different is that it was created to supply water for more than just one or two people, these towers can apparently collect up to 100 litres a day (but I'm willing to bet that depends on atmospheric conditions).

Plus it uses low cost and lightweight materials and it was specifically designed to allow construction by unskilled workers without access to electricity.
I think variations of the idea could occur depending on the need, available materials and weather conditions as long as somebody gets creative enough to imagine it.

I think there's a few of you here who might get some ideas for gaming from this!

Video on YouTube: -

Warka Water's website: -

and a report on the Warka Water tower from another website: -
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Old 03-14-2021, 04:57 PM
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at an old job of mine we had a water cooler that gathered moisture from the air. It was pretty damned cool. Worked using modern tech, they do the same on the ISS for water. Seeing that shipping water to orbit is expensive to say the least, they recycle water every way they can.
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pure water, water, water collection

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