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Old 01-14-2009, 09:36 PM
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Default Korea and Japan OOB

I haven't done much on this yet but I will complete it.

Army of the Republic of South Korea
- Militia : 5000 troops
Task Force A (38th Parallel)
- 20th Mechanized Infantry Battalion
Manpower: 450
Tanks: 1 M60A3, 5 M48A5
- 3rd Airborne Cavalry
Manpower: 130
Helicopters: 13 UH-1 Huey, 3 UH-60 Blackhawk
- 117th Recon Battalion
Manpower: 400
- 5th Tank Battalion
Manpower: 560
Tanks: 1 M1A2, 7 M60A3, 4 T-55, 6 Stingray, 38 M48A5
- 87th Artillery Battalion
Manpower: 400
Artillery: 10 M110, 4 M198, 1 M55 Quad .50

Army of the People's Democratic Republic of North Korea
15th People's Army
- 5th Irregular Mortar Company (38th Parallel)
Manpower: 750
Artillery: 10 82mm Mortar, 10 120mm Mortar, 20 B-11 107mm RCL
- 17th Irregular AA Battalion (Pyongyang)
Manpower: 500
Artillery: 20 M-1946 130mm Field Gun, 20 KS-19 100mm AA Gun
- 66th Infantry Battalion (Jujang, North Korea)
Manpower: 700
Tanks: 5 T-55
- 105th Sapper Battalion (38th Parallel)
Manpower: 300
Tanks: 1 BTS-2 ARV
- 803rd Tank Battalion (Pyongyang, North Korea)
Manpower: 1200
Tanks: 40 T-55
- 8th Division (38th Parallel)
Manpower: 4000
Tanks: 30 T-55, 10 T-72
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