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Old 11-28-2023, 06:13 PM
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Default The ONE-series of Project Vehicles Part One

This is a work in progress, as usual observations and flames are cheerfully welcome!

The ONE-Series: MARS One; Science One; Command One; Medical One; Logistics One:
During this early stage of the Project, there was one distinctive design for the MARS One, the Science One, the Command One, the Medical One and the Logistics One. In the following years, at least four different manufacturing facilities were engaged in building the ever evolving designs of the initial MARS One and Science One vehicles. So, even with numerous designs in the field, the Project designation has remained, only the model numbers have changed.

Road-train concepts derived from the transport-launchers used as mobile ICBM bases, and the advent of fusion power, led to the development of these vehicles. Each Project region has at least a MARS One and Science One vehicle stored at separate installations. At least two Command Ones has been issued to each Regional Command Base as well as Prime Base, Omnicron Base and Sigma Base. Two Medical Ones have been assigned to each Region, again at separate bases. There are at least four Logistics Ones assigned to the various Regional Supply Depots.

The craft are made up of one or more tractor-haulers, one to two mission modules and two to four logistics modules, linked by armored umbilical that act as companionways and coupling devices. The vehicles are sealed against biological, chemical, and most radiological threats, and the integral life-support system can provide a breathable atmosphere for a month without an air change.

The tractor-hauler contains a forward command area with seats for six (driver, commander, communications, sensor operator, two weapon stations). Behind this is a living area with two racks of three bunks each, a small galley and bathroom area. At the rear of this compartment are equipment lockers, an airlock on the right, and a rear hatch that connects to the other modules.

The tractor is armed with two roof-mounted turrets. The front has dual .50 caliber machine guns, the rear has a Mark One Laser which is meant to be used in a point-defense role.
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