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Old 08-25-2015, 07:52 AM
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Was doing some reading on the Iranian Air Force and their F-14's and came up with the interesting tidbit that the Iranians operated their F-14's almost exclusively out of Khatami Air Base in Esfahan during and after the Iran Iraq War. (which is the air base mentioned in King's Ransom where the Soviets are using one end and the other end is abandoned)

The Iranians had their spare parts for their F-14's at that air base in closely guarded and hidden bunkers.

Quick adventure scenario came immediately to mind - i.e. a mission by a character party that is sent to a bunker that has been identified as still not being found by the Soviets (in other words its at the end of the base they arent using and hidden for security) to retrieve spare parts in it that could bring several currently grounded USN F-14's back to operational status. The characters are sent to retrieve the parts (which are still there but range from small electrical parts all the way up to a tail section and bulky engine parts to make things interesting for the party on how to transport them) and get them to a rendezvous where helos will lift them and the parts out.

Could make for an interesting addition to King's Ransom and another way for characters to find out about the jewels - i.e. they run into the people who know about them and thus set up a second mission or scenario where they go after them or during the operation to get the parts they actually find the jewels themselves but only have time to grab a few and bring them back with them, planning to return to get the rest.

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Old 09-03-2015, 08:12 PM
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Default So, copy them...

Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
...Used copies of the RDF Sourcebook start at $22. A little steep for me. I can get a legit electronic copy for $6 but I much prefer the ol' fashioned paper and ink. Reading on ...

If you've got a printer, or have a gaming buddy who does, get that $6 e-copy and home print it...

I did a Twilight: 2013 game a couple years ago for DunDraCon and didn't have any hard copies of the book... I went to UPS store and paid $35 each for 4 copies... later that year I found 3-4 hard copies online and bought them...

Something about GM's... we do whatever is required to get the game going!

Just my $.02!
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Old 09-04-2015, 02:46 PM
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Back in the Dawn of Time (March 1973), I got my original set of Dungeons and Dragons rules (published Nov 1972) by laboriously copying a friend's set of the 5x8-in brown booklets opened flat (two pages/sheet) on my local public library's copier, at a nickel a page. And in those days, you had to bring the pile of nickels.

The sticky sheets were then folded in half (to get two-sided) and punched.

My original set of Boot Hill rules came the same way.

They served me for some five years through high school and the start of college as GM and player until I had the wherewithal to buy a printed set.

Certainly, they were good enough to be read and used.

Uncle Ted
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countries, iran, locations, middle east

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