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Old 09-10-2008, 03:01 AM
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Default Trying to start a game

Brother in Arms 05-03-2008, 09:07 PM Hey everyone I finally found the most likely group of people to play a game of twilight with...

several fellows that I know from the shooting range also play RPG's...like star wars ect. But the 3 of them that do shoot and RPG are also heavy into militaria so I think it could be a good group. Only thing is only one of them is really old enough to rember the cold war the others are only in there early 20's so I am wondering what impact this will have on the game. That and they are used to such new fangled inventions as Molle gear and the picatinny rail...not ALICE gear and 100 mile per hour tape. Maybe such things aren't important but my mind shapes the images I see and I picture things in a certain way so I hope I can make it seem real and interesting to these fellows....that and I need to figure out my campaign... currently I live in Vermont and I was thinking of running a game there but I am from Maine and don't know it as well. So I could have my game set in Maine so I would have an advantage in them not knowing what anything is like...or I could set the game in Poland or somewhere in Europe and no one would know what it was really like. I guess I have to start smaller though considering I haven't even got everyone together to talk about playing yet and I don't have any T2K stuff other than zipped on the computer.

also my freinds would probably be more of the new twilight types but I am distinctly old school........( and you can tell by my rude bwoy face)

Any input on my misgivings ect would be good.

Brother in Arms


weswood 05-04-2008, 05:32 AM I wouldn't worry too much about the disparity in ages. You could even make that work for you, have the older guys roll up grizzled old vets who have been around forever, and the younger guys recent draftees.

As far as the gear goes, that's all your call as GM. Even if the more modern gear was available in the mid 90's, you could always tell the players that the new stuff went to the front line troops such as the 82nd and 101st AB divisions, and the unit they're from was slated to get said gear, but the war interfered with production.

With the invention of the home computer and internet, no matter where you located your game, the players can find out about the real world location. Here's an example; I don't have a game going, but I'm got the campaing pretty much mapped out in my head. If I get a game going, I want to start it in Milicz Poland, southwest of Kaliz. I made up a nice little scenario, including ruins of a medieval castle some marauders are using as a base camp. Then out of curiosity, I found Milicz on the net- it even has it's own web page. And it's a small farming town, the only interesting thing is that there's actually some medeivel ruins outside of the town.

So go for it, the worst they can do is tell you no.


General Pain 05-04-2008, 01:02 PM You could offcourse set the campaign closer to 2008/present day - and regarding maps, me and my buddies swear to Google Earth...it's the best map tool out there....Just determin an location for the start of the campaign and us Google earth to zoom in...if u have a seperate computer running Google Earth with preferably a projector on a white wall.... As for my own Gm\ing experience maps is allways important in describing the environment for the player...the better the maps less likely to get huge misunderstandings from the players......

Another thing is that players in the early 20s have watched huge amounts of war/action movies....so intense descriptions of action (especially when cassualties are involved) are a way to go....

And killing of a npc pretty early is another thing to set the mood of the game

another tip: if the player(s) choose to do something impossible don't say NO...just determine difficulty.....(old AD&D saying)

regarding equipment: let the younger players get a special rifle/handgun nothing too rare but something they sould like to protect...and offcourse don't hand out too much ammo....

well well good luck with the campaign


smokewolf 05-04-2008, 01:44 PM Or introduce them to Twilight: 2013....hehehe


TiggerCCW UK 05-05-2008, 05:40 AM I don't think that age is a major factor for Twilght, or gaming, groups. As long as everyone gets on well I don't see how age affects it. In my own group we range from 21 - 40. I also didn't find the younger members not remembering the cold war to be a problem. At the end of the day the Twilight world is suficiently different to our own that it can be treated as an alternate reality as opposed to a historical excercise. All IMHO of course.

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