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Old 07-23-2014, 07:47 PM
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Default Energy Alternatives

One of my gripes with the Morrow Project is Fusion Power. It just seems too easy, and worse, the possibility that all our vehicles run on fusion power- which has not become widely used at the time of the apocalypse- makes me feel this is a huge cop out. The costs of energy should be one of the key challenges of this game- how to get it, how to preserve it, how to produce it and protecting it. Those with energy in abundance have a serious competitive advantage against those who don't. The desire to steal that energy will also be huge.

There has got to be a better and more realistic way to do energy. Twilight 2000 used alcohol driven vehicles- which was fine except that you could only move in short bursts followed by a period when you had to stop and create more fuel. As I recall, in the Twilight 2000 game, it is during a refueling period that your NATO unit gets the smackdown from the Warsaw Pact.

These days we have cheaper solar panels and electric/battery cars.

The challenge for the players should include some struggle to create the energy necessary to achieve their goals.

One way of overcoming some of these issues might be to have some sort of power station that generates electricity so as to fuel the batteries that fuel the cars. Fusion powered vehicles seems a big jump, electrical battery vehicles seems more reasonable.

I realize this is messing with a huge part of the canon of the game, but this has always been an aspect of the game which I thought to be problematic.

Your thoughts?
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