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Old 07-02-2017, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by The Dark View Post
Since the OP mentioned wanting black powder weapons and I was wandering in weird portions of the internet, here's one from a video I saw:

Black Powder Colt M1911A1

Originally done just as a curiosity, some regions began converting Colt M1911 pistols to fire black powder rounds as more modern powders ran short. One early problem was that the lower pressures would often fail to cycle the action, which was resolved by salvaging springs from the models chambered for 9mm Para and using those springs on the .45 Colts. The lighter spring allowed the black powder rounds to cycle normally. While still as capable of causing injury as the smokeless powder, the black powder rounds had a shorter accurate range due to the lower muzzle velocity. As smokeless powder production resumed, these guns became hazards when salvaged. Most of them were not visually distinct from unconverted M1911s, leaving them with a dangerously light spring.

M1911A1BP: RoF SA, Dam 2, Pen Nil, Bulk 1, SS 2, Burst Nil, Rng 9
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Old 07-10-2017, 08:19 PM
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I did up some historical black powder weapons.

Model 1795 Musket: Based on the French Charleville musket, this was produced by Springfield and Harpers Ferry armories to the tune of 20,000 weapons.
Weight 4.55 kg, Ammunition 17.5x43mm ball, Ammo weight 31 grams
RoF SS, Rld 3, Dam 2, Pen Nil, Bulk 10, SS 2, Burst Nil, Rng 39

Model 1812 Musket: An improved M1795, produced only at Springfield, it was just too late to see service in the War of 1812.
Weight 4.55 kg, Ammunition 17.4x30mm ball, Ammo weight 22 grams
RoF SS, Rld 3, Dam 2, Pen Nil, Bulk 9, SS 2, Burst Nil, Rng 47

Model 1803 Rifle: The first American-made armory rifle, produced at Harpers Ferry.
Weight 4.08 kg, Ammunition 13.7x45mm ball, Ammo weight 20 grams
RoF SS, Rld 4, Dam 3, Pen Nil, Bulk 8, SS 2, Burst Nil, Rng 235

Model 1819 Hall Rifle: The first breech-loading rifle to see service with the military. As the sealing gasket wore, it had a tendency to vent hot gas into the shooter's face.
Weight 4.66 kg, Ammunition 13.7x45mm ball, Ammo weight 20 grams
RoF SS, Rld 2, Dam 3, Pen Nil, Bulk 8, SS 2, Burst Nil, Rng 230

Model 1806 Pistol: An early flintlock pistol made at Harpers Ferry.
Weight 1.16 kg, Ammunition 13.7x13.5mm ball, Ammo weight 6 grams
RoF SS, Rld 2, Dam 1, Pen Nil, Bulk 2, SS 1, Burst Nil, Rng 3
(no, seriously, the range is only 3, it's seriously underpowered)
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Old 06-14-2019, 11:04 PM
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More thoughts on bows and crossbows.

So, there's a YouTube channel (isn't there always) for an English fellow who makes crossbows. In one of his videos, he compared a modern crossbow and compound bow to a 95-lb longbow and 850-lb crossbow. The longbow produced only 39 joules of energy (which was noted as being low and possibly an indicator that the bow was tired from disuse), the modern bow 71 joules, the steel crossbow 101 joules and the modern crossbow 129 joules.

Under original WTH rules, the longbow would be Dam 0.4, the modern bow 0.6, the 850-lb crossbow 0.7, and the modern crossbow 0.8. With my revision to divide by 5 instead of 15, they're 1.2, 1.7, 2.0, and 2.3 respectively. Dam 2 for an 850-pound draw crossbow still feels a little light to me, but if I use the size of the crossbow (0.7 meters) and the tables from WTH rather than its calculated energy from actual shooting, it calculates to Dam 2.51 with a required STR of 11 and Rng 38.

Also note that a windlass isn't required until 500 joules of shaft energy, and another video of a ~1000 pound draw crossbow only generated 110 joules of shaft energy, so someone made a major error somewhere in their calculation; even just looking at the energy table in the book, you'd need a 3.3 meter long steel bow to require a windlass! For a minor revision, I would drop the windlass requirement by a factor of 10, to 50 joules. For a more major revision, base it on STR rather than energy. A character can span a bow with a STR requirement equal to or less than their STR with no mechanical advantage. With a cocking lever, they can span a bow up to double their STR, and a windlass lets them span any bow. Reload is 2/3/5 respectively based on the spanning equipment needed.

Likewise, the Penetration calculation is that a projectile of 600 joules or more has Pen 1-Nil and anything less is Pen Nil, which would require a 4 meter steel bow. I would drop that by the same factor of 10, to 60 joules.

(honestly, the more I look at the bow rules the more they're a hot mess, but they at least give a starting point to tweak into a reasonable facsimile of plausibility)
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