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Old 07-24-2015, 04:18 PM
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I've long felt the cannon was REALLY off with the Mexican invasion without some major tweaking on a pre-war buildup of Mexico's military.

For me, I modified the cannon considerably. Some of the highlights....

-Mexico makes major oil and gas discoveries in the late 70's and is a major oil producer by TDM.

-As a second tier world power, Mexico steps up its presence on the world stage in the 80's, with its army involved in UN peace keeping operations.

-Mexico expands military capabilities in the 90s.
--Buys Israeli Shermans.
--Buys Mirage 4000, F1-Es, APCs, tanks (AMX-30s), and artillery from France.
--Buys license to build AMX-40s from France.
--Buys retired Jaguars from France and UK.
--Buys MiGs , M48A3s, MiL-24Ds, BTR-60s, artillery, and frigates from reunited Germany.
--Lures Spanish Legionnaire armor vets to service.
--Lures veteran Cuban pilots to fly MiGs.

-President Tanner's administration fails to take military threat posed by Mexico seriously. Texas' 49th Armored division deploys to Europe in October 1996 as a strategic reserve. Finally deploys as part of XVII Corps to Turkey in March 1997.

-By TDM, Mexican army was among the best trained military force in the Americas; better on average than the Russians and the National Guard units in the Southwest.

-A-10s and F-20s flown by NG pilots save the US bacon, as the armored columns moving through Texas are blunted and fail to reach the intact oil fields and refinery complexes in North Louisiana, Oklahoma, and western Colorado before US units mobilize to finally stop the invasion along the I-20/I-10 corridor in Texas.
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