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Old 06-03-2022, 03:15 AM
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Default AAR 1 - Gear up time

Back in 1984, when I bought the first edition of T2K. The first thing I did was march a soldier on foot overland using the random tables and encounters and tried to see if he could survive NPC meetings, radiation, water, food etc for a week. Now in 2022, having just bought T2K V4.0, I intend to do a similar thing to test out the free league rules.

This first encounter was gamed out in February 2022. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine took place in the real world. But I used the looming conflict as a modern day background. I didnít intend for this to be tasteless now that we know the invasion took place. I remember thinking at the time that despite all the now obvious signs, the invasion wouldnít happen. It couldnít happen. It did happen.

My PC just needed a place to be, and maybe a reason for being there. And I saw Ukraine as a magical place on the other side of the world, in far away Europe (Poland being a first edition point of interest) where he could walk to Chernobyl, which is a second example of a 1980s point of interest. I didnít realise that now I am getting around to proof reading the adventure, some re-checking of rule understandings and writing this AAR up for others to read in May June 2022 that so much has actually happened in real life Ukraine. Again, no offence intended.

My PC is called Mason Geddes. My goal is to march him overland about 7 days to get from an unnamed city in Ukraine, to Chernobyl. And then see what happens from there if he survives his travels.

Obviously, this is a work of fiction.

First Meeting/kit up/lay of the land
Mason Geddes. Typical retired soldier, with formal experience overseas with the Australian Forces and, informal experience in various recent conflicts. Sensing a growing threat in Ukraine, he has flown into northern Ukraine with the intent of moving up to the expected front line of any potential Soviet invasion. A point of interest is the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the north, so that becomes my travel end goal.

Flying commercial into Ukraine, there was no opportunity to import his required survival gear and weapons needed for the conflict. Instead, using a trusted contact, Mason had arranged to meet a local ďfenceĒ or contact to provide equipment.

Feeling very much vulnerable, and like he was in a dungeons and dragons scene, Mason approached the bar given as the meeting location.

Located under a block of flats, a flight of stairs leading down into a basement was the entry point off the street. The greyness of the winter day meant his eyes didnít take much adjustment to the low light on reaching the bottom of the stairs and walking into the bar.

Was the contact really going to be here? And do an exchange of money for weapons and other survival gear in a public bar? Even by Ukraine standards, and a country on the edge of war, this felt too brazen.

But there he was. The Fence. Sitting in a booth off to the side. As arranged.
The ďfenceĒ stood up and met Mason as he approached the booth. Extending a hand shake greeting, the fence produced a knife Ė and attempted to strike Mason by surprise. Hoping to fleece him of his cash.

[As my first encounter using the V4.0 rules by Free Legion, Iíve decided to have a non-weapon/non-lethal combat encounter. Iíve decided the fence has the skills of a refugee as per page 38 of the Referees Manual, and he produces a knife. I rule he achieves surprise as Mason wasnít expecting such quick open conflict in the bar, meaning he gets a free opportunity to hit Mason without having to draw initiative.

From a game perspective, I have put my PC in a difficult position, but against a lowly skilled NPC to see how the game system plays out.]

Round 1
The Fence approaches Mason, extending his hand to shake in greeting, however he quickly produces a knife and tries to strike Mason, in an attempt to steal his money.

Task: Fence attempts to stab Mason. Slow action.
Ability Die: Strength C (D8)
Skill Die: Close Combat Nil
Modifiers: Nil
Mod. Ability Die: Strength C (D8)
Mod. Skill Die: Nil
Ammo Die: N/A
Result: miss

The Fence misses his strike attempt. In response, and still surprised at the quick turn of events, Mason tries to disarm the Fence. Hoping to defuse the situation and complete their intended transaction so he can gear up and head north.

Task: Mason attempts to disarm the fence (page 64 Players Manual) Fast action.
Ability Die: Strength A (D12)
Skill Die: Close Combat B (D10)
Modifiers: Nil
Mod. Strength A (D12)
Mod. Skill Die: B (D10)
Ammo Die: N/A
Result: one success. Therefore Mason knocks the knife out of the fences hand. However, the disarm action can be blocked by the Fences remaining fast action this round.

Task: Fence tries to block the disarm action (page 64 Players Manual) Fast action.
Ability Die: Strength C (D8)
Skill Die: Nil
Modifiers: Nil
Mod. Strength C (D8)
Mod. Skill Die: Nil
Ammo Die: N/A
Result: no success.

Masons single success against a one handed weapon (knife), and the failed block attempt, the knife is parried and drops to the ground between the two combatants.

Using his second and last remaining fast action, Mason strikes out at the Fence hoping to do a small amount of damage, essentially to wind him and bring the contact to his senses. The Fence has used his fast and slow actions, so is unable to attempt to block it.

[I thought this non-lethal combat would be a good introduction to the rules, and get a feel for how the D12, D10, D8 and D6 system works having never used it before.]

Task: Mason strikes Fence. Slow action.
Ability Die: Strength A (D12)
Skill Die: Close Combat B (D10)
Modifiers: Nil
Mod. Ability Die: Strength A (D12)
Mod. Skill Die: Close Combat B (D10)
Ammo Die: N/A
Result: miss

2nd Round
The Fence has lost the advantage of surprise, and senses he is outclassed having been disarmed of his knife. Not expecting any mercy due to his ambush, the Fence tries to end the combat by drawing a pistol.

I house ruled the initiative here. I donít like the 50/50 nature of drawing from a deck of cards. Instead I constructed a kind of opposed roll. The Fences mobility (D6) verse Masons close combat (D12+D10).
The Fence rolled a 3 = miss
Mason rolled 7+5 = one success. Therefore gains initiative.

Mason again tries to disarm the Fence, to keep him alive and locate the survival gear he was promised.

Task: Mason attempts to disarm the fence of his pistol (page 64 Players Manual) Fast action.
Ability Die: Strength A (D12)
Skill Die: Close Combat B (D10)
Modifiers: Nil
Mod. Strength A (D12)
Mod. Skill Die: B (D10)
Ammo Die: N/A
Result: one success. Mason disarms the Fence of his pistol.

To prevent this from happening the Fence can try and dodge the disarm action.
Task: Fence tries to block disarm action (page 64 Players Manual) Fast action.

Ability Die: Strength C (D8)
Skill Die: Nil
Modifiers: Nil
Mod. Strength C (D8)
Mod. Skill Die: Nil
Ammo Die: N/A
Result: no success.

The pistol now clatters to the floor, and comes to rest next to the knife. The small crowd inside the bar has gone silent in shock at the attempted knifing (a semi regular event) and then the drawn pistol (uncommon before midnight).

Realising he is outclassed, the Fence runs towards the door, accelerates up the stairs and moves towards a car parked on the street.

A civilian (page 64 of the Referees Manual. I chose a different kind of NPC just for the diversity) is waiting behind the wheel with the engine running.

Mason himself gets to the top of the stairs and sees his Fence enter the car. Having taken the time to pick up the .45 pistol, Mason has had enough of being messed around and draws down on the occupants of the car. Looking to disable their get away and take possession of his promised equipment, which may be in the car.

Initiative comes into play again. I still donít want to draw cards from a deck. So I compare coolness under fire rolls (highest goes first).

The civilian has a CUF of D so rolls a D6 and gets a 4. Mason has a CUF of B and so rolls a D10, securing a 6, and thus goes first.

Mason aims his pistol at centre chest of the driver of the car, which classifies as a stationary target.

Fast action: aim
Slow action: fire called shot from the .45 pistol.
I need to know the range to the vehicle, and decide given the short time it took the fence/refugee to get to the vehicle, that it was near the door of the bar. So I roll a D6x10m to randomly determine how many hexs away it is.
I roll a 2. So 20m. Which is short range for the .45.

Ability Die: Agility A (D12)
Skill Die: Ranged Combat A (D12)
Modifiers: -2 for called shots to chest
Mod. Strength A to B (D10)
Mod. Skill Die: Ranged Combat A to B (D10)
Ammo Die:2
Result: no hits. 8 bullets expended empties the magazine. But a possible suppression for the 6 on the ammo die (page 67 of the players manual).

The driver makes a coolness under fire roll (D6) and rolls a 6, a success! Therefore he is not suppressed (my later reading of the Suppression rules on page 67 uncovered in the last paragraph that targets fully in a vehicle cannot be suppressed. Good to know this unnecessary die roll didnít impact on the result).

The driver engages first and second gear, and drives off down the street.

For round 3 Mason reloads his 45. I could have tried to reload as a fast action in hindsight, but made the call on the run to spend the entire round reloading. I arbitrarily rule the car has moved to long range for the pistol.

Round 4
Mason fires his 45 at the vehicle which is now at long range.

Ability Die: Agility A (D12)
Skill Die: Ranged Combat A (D12)
Modifiers: -2 for long range, -1 for moving target
Mod. Strength A to C (D8)
Mod. Skill Die: Ranged Combat A to B (D10)
Ammo Die:2
Result: one hit to the driver. 7 bullets expended empties the magazine again.
Hit location roll D6 is a 2 (torso) as the bullet passes through the seat from behind. Damage is 2.

I rule that having taken a hit, the driver must pass a driving skill check to continue to drive with no incident. The drivers skill is D6 and the roll is a 2, so a fail.

The driver slumps forwards onto the steering wheel, then flops back in his seat as the car takes a suddenly left turn and crashes into a parked car on the side of the road.

As this was my first encounter, I called an end to the action there. I ruled the fence had seen enough, having been disarmed of his knife and then pistol, then seeing his mate shot. He runs off through the growing crowd.

Mason approaches the vehicle hoping his promised equipment was inside.
Having got this far into the first encounter, I decide that the car does contain most of his required items, but not all.

Thinking the main weapon is the most important item I make up a quick random table for a D6 roll to determine what weapon is left behind.
3: SVD
4-5: AKM
6: AK-74.
Die roll is a 1, so FN FAL.

A backpack containing binoculars (+2 recon), a med kit and a telescopic sight for the rifle are also found. Mason has kept the original knife and 45 pistol.

I determine at this point that Mason is going to exit the city, and head towards Chernobyl which is expected to be near the front line. City travel determines that 1km is travelled (page 149 Players Manual). And I decide that is far enough to reach the edge of the city limits.

My thoughts:
  • I enjoyed the game mechanics more than I thought.
  • My playing character is quite strong, but that was by design since I expect him to be on his own most of the time, simply because it reduces my amount of bookwork until I learn the system.
  • I created my playing character by choosing his attribute and skill levels.
  • I put my character in a couple of difficult situations by design, to see if my more skilled PC could progress. There were a couple of fails, but many successes.
  • I felt the action played out realistically.
  • The next post will cover Mason Geddes first overland travel encounter.

I would like to share two links to games that I have found inspiring and useful in transitioning to V4.0. I took some of their writing structure to help give some format to this first post of my own.


"Beep me if the apocolypse comes" - Buffy Sommers

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