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Old 07-21-2023, 10:02 PM
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My own solo games generally follow a couple of different paths.

1. I have a long term goal in mind, and i use the random encounter cards to fill in the journey there. For example my "target" is 5 days march away. I travel for 5 days using the random encounter deck, then if i reach day 5, i engage my target (sniper shot, call in mortar rounds, some other task such as gather intel (for a non-combat roll)).

2. Day after day slog of random encounters, with the random encounters being gelled together to make an overarching story line as the cards are played.

3. Or i pull together 3 or 4 encounters i'd like to play against, and just game my PC through them. In this way, i am mostly just having fun doing the math and decision making of combat. Learning how weapon A might be better/worse than weapon B. Or testing results v armour. or Blast radius etc.

I understand how writers block or monotony can filter in though. Once the fun is gone, go do something else. I'll do a day hike, or camp in/sleep/camp out of a location to get a real world kind of T2K fix.

Or, i play Advance squad leader, harpoon or chess to change things up.
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