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Old 06-26-2009, 04:53 PM
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Default POW Camps

Before the TDM, at least a few thousand Soviet and WTO POWs would probably have been shipped to camps in the U.S. and Canada.

What happens to them after the TDM? I imagine that priority would be given to taking care of the native DPs over taking care of soldiers of the nations that just nuked a bunch of American cities. Seems like this quandry could be the centerpiece of an interesting and unconventional CONUS/Canada campaign.

The PCs could be guards at a camp. They would have to make sure the POWs were fed, protect them from angry locals and each other, prevent escape attempts, etc. Perhaps there could be issues concerning which government faction (MILGOV and CIVGOV) controls the camp or wants done with the POWs. On the other hand, maybe the PCs could be Soviet/WTO prisoners trying to survive/escape the camp.

I know of a few campaigns where the PCs started off as POWs of the Soviets. It seems like rescuing POWs is a pretty standard mission for behind enemy lines campaigns. Some folks think that after the TDM, accrimony and widespread supply shortages, most sides would simply stop taking prisoners altogether or that POWs would become de facto slaves (I think using POWs as a source of manual labor is permitted by the Geneva Convention but with some limitations in place).

What are your thoughts on POWs in T2K.
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pow camps, united states

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