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Old 08-14-2012, 11:31 AM
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Default Looking for help writing sourcebooks


I'm comped/Matt, and I've played t2k for a while now, but always felt there was something missing. That's why I'm looking for help writing some new sourcebooks, for stuff that wasn't covered in official made/fan made references to the detail our players now expect.

I've come up with various choices, although any of your's would be considered, as well.
  • North American sourcebook: covering the US/Canada/Mexico.
  • Asia sourcebook: covering Japan, China, and the rest of Asia.
  • Middle East sourcebook. (I know there's an official one already): covering the middle east (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.)
  • GURPS conversion sourcebook: basically telling you how to convert to GURPS, what options for characters, equipment, and skills and such there are, and the like.
  • T2K: update sourcebook: basically, a bunch of events, quipment, vehicles, people, and such which weren't in the original game due to the date, for use if you wanted to update the game to today.
  • factional sourcebook: exploring the various factions around the world (including new ones, IE: prison gangs)
  • government sourcebook: focus on the various governments of the world before and after the war.

^I'll add more to the list if you suggest.

Anyone who wants to help, please post here. Existing material is welcome as well, long as we can fit it in. Most work would be done (for me at least), in word (2007, although i can convert it into many file types), and whichever we choose would be published as PDF files. If you guys want to do multiples, we can start on one, and keep going down the list.

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