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Old 01-12-2009, 05:11 AM
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Default The Story So Far- "UNDER A BURNING SUN"

1. a brief synopsis of the story so far :

The series focuses on a loosley knit band of survivors and their families , after the world as we know it has been devestated by several global thermonuclear exchanges.It raises questions on morality,loyalty,family and our democratic values .

The reasons for the nuclear wars are discussed in detail in the so called "Timeline" , a document with general information about the events leading up to the apocalypse.The Timeline builds upon an alternate world setting where the "War on Terror" has run amok,creating oppression and fostering strong dissent among the western worlds populace.Several major terrorist attacks happen in a short time span .This leads to mass panic and evacuations as well as retaliatory strikes that target old and new enemies alike,and in kind recieves retribution.Central goverments in most nations and the global economy succumb to the catastrophy.A few countries and organizations manage to soldier on as authoritarian systems.

The survivors all work in an underground research facility in LA, as security contractors in 2004 gametime.When the bombs starts falling they decide to stay in the underground facility as it was built in the 1950s to withstand a nuclear war .After 4 years underground ,the characters are forced to emerge to what they believe is a highly radioactive surface because of a lack of supplies and food.They then find out that the radiation meters from the 1950s have suffered a malfunction due to radioactive metal that has been dumped in the area.This has lead to misreadings and results that have compelled the group to stay underground for much longer than strictly necessary.

They are then forced to adapt for survival in the harsh and often violent enviroment .Radiated dust pose a constant danger ,as well as the lack of food and clean drinking water .There seems to be no central authority anymore , but the characters quickly encounter local settlements with leaders that style themselves as legitimate successors to the Federal government.Increasing tensions between the characters group and the other groups quickly escalates into a series of violent skirmishes.The group travels to less radiated areas and start a reconstruction effort with a plan to impose a new goverment lead by themselves ,to end the devestation and carnage.Several major campaigns are launched with mainly military objectives ,but civilian programs are also initiated.This project eventually turns into a moral dilemma for the characters as the new state that they create is instituted and maintained through murder of dissidents and wars against other groups that refuse to submit to the new laws.Ultimately the new republic suffers the fate of its prewar predecessors , using undemocratic tactics and in the end nuclear weapons against other goverments to maintain sovereignity and supremacy.

The strategy fails ,and third nuclear exchange takes place as the characters are about to return to their families and estates after a strenous overseas mission.Only 10 years after they emerged from the shelter , they find themselves seeking safety in deep concrete vaults once again.

"Under a Burning Sun" is categorized as "a postapocalyptic-graphicly violent,dystopian family drama."Apart from being very violent ,(among other things racking up several "most killed NPCS in a session awards" as well as "most devestating weapon used by player "-prizes) ,the show also revolves around bitter political infighting between the major protagonists.The characters end up using betrayal,deceit and murder to further their own ends -often at the expence of the other protagonists.Slavery,warcrimes and substance abuse are other controversial topics that
are portrayed in the series.As time progresses the choices that are made by the protagonists make them party to condemnable acts .

Family values and relationships are also a part of "Under a Burning Sun".Many of the protagonists have married to secure heirs to their holdings after they pass.Marriages are put under pressure by the turbulent times ,and parent-child relations are strained to the extreme -in some cases open hostilities.Domestic violence becomes a part of family life for some of the characters.Some families break up .Growing up in this setting are the next generation of survivors.Some are already being groomed in elite academies to take high positions when their fathers grow old .This generation inherits the consequences of their fathers actions ,some paying with their lives for the situation their powerful parents have happened in to .

All this comes to an abrupt end when nuclear war yet again devestates what has been rebuilt .As a coming of age story "Under A Burning Sun" is without doubt one of the most brutal there has ever been.Many of the main characters never actually come of age at all .Nuclear weapons are used against the characters and violent deaths are frequent.

The title -"under a Burning Sun" is also the title of an ingame soap opera that run both night and day time in the protagonists areas .The soap is produced by PACTV , a media company owned by the player characters .Although similar to the gaming series as it portraits families and their lives after WWIII , it is censored by the protagonist controlled secret police .It has very little controversy or system critizism.

Episode 1 of the fifth season of the series is due to broadcast 14.02.09.Leaks from postproduction indicate that fans of the series might be in for some surprises.

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Old 01-12-2009, 06:58 AM
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Default Under a burning sun

He he he, this stuff should definitely be aired in a country with extremely liberal media if all details were to be included. It offers an interesting glimpse into the imaginations and minds of a group of young men marked by a childhood in a semi-socialist state during the Cold War, as well as their various personal quirks

Fieldmarshal DeCorba

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Old 01-12-2009, 08:12 AM
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lol indeed
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Old 02-16-2009, 01:36 AM
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Default S05e01

Season 5 opened with a bang as several of the protagonists were attacked right from the outset.The Takashi family were subjected to a vicious assassination attempt and a coup de etÃ*t that went horribly wrong leaving all the traitors shot to death.The leader ,Col Lee of the 1st SOG got away though.DECorba made his move against the ever more disrespectful rebels ,but was beaten back at the battle of Cabrillo Highway.Meanwhile ,WillisCo CEO -Rupert Willis - finalized agreements with the former MilGov units about coopration and co existence .Eureka proper was secured and a "Green Zone" set up .The environs however ,are under constant threath from marauders -especially the dreaded "Dead Dogs " or "DogSkull" groups .An attack on a large column of refugees was thwarted by the CEO himself , leading his men into a bloody firefight against the marauders .The incident left over 200 refugees dead before the bandits could be beaten back .Both sids suffered losses-though the marauders left app 170 dead and badly wounded behind.
In LA the family feud climaxed with the Pain Succession Wars defining moment.Zorg shelled Gen Pains Library Tower forcing a retreat after a 6 hour artillery and aerial battle.Pain and his last loyal men fled north ,linking up with Takashi and her ragged band of followers -also running away .The tasked column then rendevouzed with the harried forces of DeCorba and the now huge column marched north .Under constant attack or threat from marauders and NDP patrols , the refugees did eventually reach Eureka and percieved safety .Rations were distributed at last ,as the last few dayd of marching had been with little or no food for most .

Reconstruction efforts intensified as the weather grew unormally cold for the time of year. The protagonists -now refugees - decided to delegate reconstruction tasks and to conduct a secret operation to secure crucial supplies and research from the former TRISTATE RESEARCHFACILITY.This does not go well however ,as they are finally confronted with the real secret of the facility -a military robotics program gone haywire.After taking casualties and rounding up what they can ,the group returns to Eureka for R n R .The town has now swelled to 10 000 souls.Its housing projects ,seldefence forces and supply situation is progressing -but there are worries as the food supply will run out in 5 months , without prospects of getting any more...
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