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Default Soviet Navy in the Winter War organization

Matt Wiser 01-19-2004, 12:54 AM Here's a Soviet Navy carrier group and then a Surface Action Group and an ASW group for SOVPACFLT in the Winter War:

Carrier Group:

1 carrier (either CVHG or CV)

one cruiser (Kirov or Slava-class) AAW/ASUW

two Cruisers (Kresta-II or Kara-class) AAW/ASW

two DDGs (Udaloy-class) ASW/AAW

two DDGs (Sovremmeny-class) ASUW/AAW

two FFs (Krivak-I or II, or Neustrashimmy-class) General Purpose

Surface action group:

Same as carrier group minus the carrier.

ASW group:

1-2 Kresta-II or Kara-class CGs

1-2 Udaloy class DDGs

3-4 FFs.

All may have at least one Victor-II, III, or Sierra-class SSN in direct support.

All but FFs are KA-25 or KA-27 capable.

Assume the Yak-38 FORGER retired and replaced with Yak-41 FREESTYLE in 1991-92 time frame. Much more capable and with multifunction radar with LD/SD capability similar to AV-8B+ or Sea Harrier

Air wing for Kiev-class CVHG:

14 Yak-41

20 Ka-27 Helix-A (ASW)

4 Ka-27 Helix-B (Surface search and SSM guidance)

4 Ka-27 Helix-C (SAR)

4 Ka-31 Helix-D (AEW)

Air Wing for Kusnetsov/Tiblisi-class CV:

18 Su-27K Flanker-C (Fleet Defense)

18 MiG-29K Fulcrum-D ( Multi-role)

18 Yak-41 Freestyle-A (Multi-role)

10 Ka-27 Helix-A (ASW)

2 Ka-27 Helix-B (Surface Search and SSM guidance)

2 Ka-27 Helix-C (SAR)

4 Yak-44 (AEW)

Yak-44 was a virtual clone of the E-2C Hawkeye. First prototype under construction when the USSR collapsed IRL and the program cancelled.

Kirov-class BCGNs have five Ka-27s: 3 A and 2 B versions

Slava-class CGs have one B

Udaloy-class DDGs have two A

Sovremmeny DDGs have one B

Kresta-II and Kara-class have one Ka-25 Hormone A (ASW)

SOVPACFLT surface ships based mainly in the Maritime provinces, subs at both Vladivostok and at Petropavalosk-Kamchatka. SSBNs use Sea of Okhotsk as a bastion (safe patrol area), but some do patrol 6-700 miles off US West Coast. SNAF mainly based N of Vladivostok and on Sakhalin, some at Kamachatka.

One Regiment of mixed Badger-G bombers and Badger-C/D/K recon/EW aircraft at Cam Ranh Bay AB, Vietnam, with a SNAF MiG-23 Flogger-K Regiment for escort and base defense, with NVAF MiG-21s at both Bien Hoa and Nha Trang as backup.


Jason Weiser 01-20-2004, 09:29 PM Ok,

Here is a thought, what about the USN and other Navies in the region, What are their BGs doing, are they hassling the Soviets? Are they discretely escorting convoys bound for China? Or are they keeping their distance?


Matt Wiser 01-21-2004, 01:00 AM Hassling, no. But keeping an eye on the Russians, yes. Watching them launch real combat ops is going to be too much of an intel possiblity to pass up for 7th Fleet, JMSDF, ROK Navy, Taiwanese, etc. I wouldn't be suprised if intel is passed to the PRC Navy in the process. Ivan is going to keep his distance from the other navies-they will be busy with the Chinese, and as Webstral pointed out, taking on the other navies in the area is something else. Convoy plans will be on standby if necessary, and are no doubt executed in Dec of '96.

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