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Old 05-10-2020, 10:07 AM
Matt W Matt W is offline
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Default Background to New Presidencies

My apologies if this is old news, but it may shed some light on the historical background of any "New Presidency" that may be encountered. Look down to the description of TREETOP teams.


I like the idea of a 50-person team of Government Professionals trying to rebuild the USA (and doing it around the "Designated President"). They would appreciate the values of organisation, legal procedure and communication, but would not necessarily be good at technology. This would explain the relatively low TL assigned to them in the main rulebook.

Oh, and notice the Liberty Bell mention... Doesn't that suggest the beginning of a mission to retrieve/steal a Sacred Relic?

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Old 05-10-2020, 11:05 AM
knightofrubus knightofrubus is offline
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I could definitely see these types of 'deadman' government's being around not really as power players as they likely are not willing to go to extremes/lack the resources. But still able to carve out towns to hold the fort down while a mythical 'calvary' is coming to aid them.
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