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Default The Story so far.

02 January 2009 - Tokyo

After atending his familys funeral Manami Mao "Mr. Mao" whent back to his estate in the outskirts of Tokyo. Unnafected by the family tragedy he continued bizniz as usual. His "mansion" for lack of a better word was as luxurious as his lifestyle (jap-jetsetter) and higly technoly advanced. His father left him everything (allmost - explained later). He was casually lounging in his comfortable chair having a pre- ww2 whiskey when one of his scanning alarms/software sounded. Beeing a well-reputed computer/software designer he allways used his own software. - It seems (the computer shows) that there is a guy in the states looking for a Techie for a "blackop" job. As the curiosu man he was he had to find out more about this. He immidiatly tracked down the person using the nickname "baddass03" - placing him in Austin Texas in a local cyber-cafe. He the hacked the cyber-cafe's webcam to see who he was chatting to.

some hours earlier.

Mr Vladimir Jose Barnaby - a former US marine, now working as a consultant. Got a call from a voice from the past,that he had all but forgotten, Professor McCain (no relations to John McCain (senator)). Professor McCain was his former History Teacher in college and an old friend of the family. Vladimir remembered vividly his beatiful daughter,Yvette. Imidiatly he heard that there was something not right.

His daughter was missing. It seemed that her dream of becoming a model had come true. And she was last heard from 3 weeks ago in Mexico when she had asked her father for money. His father had transfered her quite a handfull, but after that there was silence. Her phone was off the grid and there had been no movement on her creditcard apart from one big withdrawal.

Vladaimir agrees to meet him in Detroit. in 3 days.

As a profesional he knew that a helåping hand would be of great service, and as he was quite inept technology wise, he new a "tech" guy would be a great advantage.
He went to the local cyber cafe and logged on to one of "those" forums posing as badass03, a few seconds later he was virtualy approached as a cmd window window suddenly opened.
he was rather impressed, when the unknown techie hacked in to the computer system of the cyber cafe, and a few words later they agreed on a meeting with this techie presenting himselfs as mr. murakami (a pseudonym witch mr. mao had often used).
a day later they both arrived in detroit, mr mao came directly from tokyo in a privately rented lear-jet, and vladimir came with western airline on the cheapest tourist seat.

after a quick meet and greet, theire seemed to be a commen understanding, and mr. marakami agreed to help mr. vladimir, even though money hadnt been an issue. mr. vladimir felt that mr. marakami, where more intressed in the action then the financial part of this mission. this came as no suprise as marakamis rolex would pay down his fathers mortage alone...

As the meeting between the professor and vladimir where soon to come, they acted quickly and bought "burners" and earpices (so they could keep in contact whitout seeming to be buisness partners.

The meeting came, and as vladimir approached the proffesor he could see the old man where fighting to keep his tears back. After some minutes of discussion of his daughter's last wherabouts and her active aquiantances he gave Vladimir a dossier with all relative info about Yvette, and he but for a suspision that Yvette may have been lored into the world of coke use. The proffessor handed vladimir a small metal suitcase with payment. At the SAME time Marakami was only sitting a few tables over listineng to the conversation, using his laptop to get relevant intell in real-time. Murakami managed to get a a grained picture of her last withdraval from the atm, in Oaxaca Mexico. in the piture there was also an unknown man, and a black car in the behind. after more investigation they discovered the car the belonged to man called kalinka.

vladimir told marakami to make sure nobody followed the proffessor as he went to the gate, a suspision he always had. Could his paranoia be symptom marakami wondered, thinking about his own own medical issues...

they decided to travel to mexico in seperatle flights posing as tourist, meeting up at a predesign hotel they immeadetly started collecting intell about kalinka, and the face recognition got an acceptable hit naming the guy as tom "hammerfist " johnson. kalinkas mansion showed to be only 3km away from the hotell where they where located.

vladimir and murakami both had contact in the region, which they took advantage of, waiting for their supplies they quickly scoped the layout of the mansion using google earth, digging down murakami discovered "kalinkas" real name, Simon "the brainy don" Mogilevich, the believed SEVA (russian for papa) of the russian mafia, with their new found information they both aggreed about the necessarity of "hi tech camera" survailence.

As vladimir obviously knew the area, or knew someone who knew, he quickly gathered supplies, and fixed a safehouse, and even a close by surveilance house. Even a van of the local telephone company found its way to vladimir, as he rented it from a worker, who aggreed to anything as long as he saw the pile of money grew bigger in his hand. and within a quarter of negotiating the telephone man saw his wealth increase more in this short time then he would have been able to collect as payment for the next two years of work.

Marakami contacted a druglord, jesus choana, from the borderarea of argentina, promising a higly valuable medical-"recipie" for supplies, jesus more then willingly agreed to this. Even though he was wanted in almost all of south america. As jesus came to marakami providing all the neccesary "supplies", marakami gave him the highly secret recipe for the anabolic steroid called xxxl-13 ( this "homemade-brew" had brought marakami a lot of money, it was no longer of any intress to him, as it had been showed to induce schizophrenia in people, an even though the money where great, money had never been an issue, favours where much more valuable to him.

the plan could quickly be sett in motion with the "deliverance", and before, to late, they had put up surveilance arround the compound.
as the surveilance cam went up, murakami suprisingly noticed that vladimir and him where not the only one to keep Mogilevichs compound under surveilance.

They quickly realised they had no "eyes" inside the compound... ...it was time to get it, and in the cover of darkness they sneaked through the ajaicent park. As this mission should be over in matter of minutes, if everything would go accordingly to theire plans, they where only wearing light gear (which included theire favourite weapons, ofcourse), and ir googles... ...almost setting out a trip wire, that where layed out 30 meters before the compound wall, the intensity of this mission increased, they splitt up. murakami had only known vladimir for a few days, but already he felt a brootherhood in arms, and did not even think twice about having vladimir cover him from behind.
As murukami was at the top of the wall he heard in his earpice "guard approaching", trying his best not to move he felt the time slow down. He could hear the joint sprackle as the guard tok his last hit, before casualy dropping it down right in murakamis head. the footsteps went silent, "all clear". murukami entered the topp quickly loged the cam in place, before going back down on the ground outside the compund, camera nr 2 went easily without any hiches, they finally had eyes...

a day later vladimir could confirm for himself that Yvette where there, with a couple of other models. They lay like playboy bunnies, infront of the pool, a mirror where amongst them filled with white powder... Vladimir could count ten guards, a number murukami quickly added five more to (just to be safe...) the number. more disturbingly Vladimir noticed five guard dogs patroling the premisis, remembering a mythbuster episode murukami suggested getting a bitch in heat to distract them, vladimir agreed.

Working the kennels across the town vladimir suddenly found fifi, yvettes little pup, it was boarded and pre-payed a half year in advance. and he managed to get a rottweiler bitch in heat, ofcourse.

the plan started to take its final shape. the final countdown came as a revelation to vladimir as he went through the surveilance recordings, again. every couple of days a delivery van brought them fresh food and suplies, he had the key...

getting the outfit as a delivery boy where easy enough, getting the car was easier as he was waved in by vladimir, vladimir asked him a question, in the same instance he fired a tranq dart into him, he screamed ofcourse, who wouldnt, vladimir yelled with him making it appear as he was partying with him. the driver would have fallen to the ground had it not been for vladimir grapping him, he placed him quickly on a bench accompanied with a bottle of tequilla in his hand, know he looked like any other drunk guy, exept he had a $100 bill in his pocket.

the equiptment where quickly hurried in to the van, along with the dog, vladimir tok the driver seat as he could speak spanish, a language so foreign it could have been chinese, except the fact that murukami spoke chinese that is. murukami started acting a bit slow, counting some mexican money, as he tried to give the appearence of counting in his head. They came to the gate of the mansion, and where ofcourse stopped by the guard.

more to come
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