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Old 09-10-2008, 03:53 AM
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Default Story abot an antenna in the fire

Antenna 07-15-2008, 01:58 PM Most of has a story to tell this story I gonna tell is around 8 years old and I started to tell the story for friends in my new hometown.

Let me tell a story about a rescue mission...

I had as usually been at the mixed frat club at the university, where you drink make fool out of yourself hunt someone to nail in the bed sometimes take revenge on a fellow man or girl. I was that kind of guy that tried to understand what the hell was so fun with this place it was a hard fucking place for those who tried to get their diploma and didn't be invited in the groups that was there. Drinking games people living out the most weird things that any can imagine and be wicked. So there I was drunk after maybe a half bottle of burbon or whatever I had been buying cheap at the bar, had been dancing with a woman that turned me on I hunted her and she escaped. I was angry as any man can be that can't get scored. Then i noticed that people was worried, someone was missing. I walked around and got info without asking anyone that someone had gone out in -25F, blizzard, darkness with only a tshirt, jeans and sneakers. I went for the exit there was two classes that stared on a guy that said only one thing over and over again. "what we gonna do he is missing!" I asked "who is missing." I got the info I wanted, this wasn't a drill for pleasure or a fucking bad joke. Someone had been to stupid and drunk that he walked to poorly out in the blizzard. Somehow all my military training sat where it would be I just bend two classes will to go out and search by building a search organization so bullet proof that any outsiders could infiltrate their mission to find the missing guy, I also selected three really strong looking guys to go his fucking place and check if he was there and gave them a fucking order to shover that fucking bastard in hot water and just not let him out of his damn place. All this organization was build within 3 min and I ended the question why I don't go out and look for him. Fuck you morons I am to drunk I gonna party again. When I went inside the loony area I started to hunt for military personel that could build a trauma area for the search guys and if they found the "victim" get him cold trauma aid. Within 2 min I found a really dab ass to woman I told what she needed to know and she asked what I've been doing I frankly said "We don't have time for beeing social and nice any longer you fuck you go up to the podium with a microphone and do your work!" then I was in the crowd she couldn't organice the crowd I helped her as a roadie would do suddenly she understood what she would say and trauma drill started. Then I took time check, 8 min. I told from the crowd 15 min drill then it is action for real. I stayed in the area to observe the search crowd dropped in around 30 min after I sent out them. They had found the missing guy in his home. My mission was over, I went home, went to bed and cursed the best dancer I had have in my arms that some day I gonna find her and fucking screw her so hard that her brain pours out of her and she is forever lost in my arms. Well one thing I never understood why I didn't try to get her when I finally found her.

So what did I do, I maked a 70 man strong rescue organization that was so damn scared of me that they did salute me when they saw me at the versity. I also ignited a 150 man and woman strong trauma aid station in a mixed frat club they only looked at me a smiled an lucky smile. I was a corpral when I left my airbase but in the heat I was a machine that wanted my will thru and to tell the truth I was so tired of all salutes and lucky smiles that I went underground for maybe 2 months to get some peace from beeing noticed.

The reward I got was not money but a bunch a friends that just wants to help me get thru the last courses of this damn place that is called collage. If I gonna get thru collage or not is nothing I right now is thinking so much of right now. This is one thing I done in my life other stories i maybe tell when I remember them. My proverb maybe fits here now. "Many have died from giving up few from struggle forth."

This board has heard my first story about my loved pet the cat Maja. She hunts in her cat heaven. I wish I could meet many of those at this board in real life, I could mention some things many of you I just respect becouse you do a great job in real life or have done it in the past according to your belifs or what you have to do.

Now I get back to silent stealth mod again, just had to tell a story from my life that is just what I wanna share with you.

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Headquarters 07-21-2008, 01:28 PM good work .anyways - the hunt isnt over until you say its over-a woman will be far more insulted from not being chased over than from being chased by someone she doesnt have an interest in..


Antenna 07-28-2008, 06:11 AM Thanks


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