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Old 01-17-2014, 06:12 PM
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Default S10E01 - être assiégé

my friends - lets settle the dates. Here is a brief recap for those who could not partake.

The party walked out of Bunkersfield after "successfully"concluding the confusing "negotiations" with the David Lynch inspired dictator Col. Sanchez. ( Who they never met).

after walking north for 10 miles and arriving at the pre-planned rendevouz and supply cache to ex-fil, the radio operator had to conclude - no connection could be made. Spirits seriously dampened the party made their way north on foot through a snow covered central valley. On the way they witnessed many barbaric atrocities confirming the state of savagery the world has embraced.

A bold move to make for he coast was decided - and spirits were rising en route to free and clear when a devastating blow hits them. An error in navigation has steered them into the the heart of NDP country. The march home becomes a death race to freedom as one NDP patrol after an another takes up the pursuit and a series of bloody shoot outs take place. The hunted party is forced to head due east and cross the central valley, narrowly escaping encirclement by the NDP and ruination at the hands of Chucky`s crew of cold blooded road agents that prey on all that moves in there valley.

But all this out of the frying pan and into the fire comes at a price, and at Avenal, CA the party watches as NDP stormtroopers cart away the "productive" people and execute some others in a friendly settlement. Doc Johnsons new friends and more significant friend are captured. Their fate unknown but bleak. A firefight ensues when party members are caught in the merciless NDP operation. Once more on the run the party sees an NDP helicopter airlifting in a squad of commandos into Avenal who seems to want to operate in the area. As snow thaws and a semblance of spring arrives the party run to Hanford to seek shelter, but they are received coldly. Distrustful of the people of Hanfords relationship to the NDP the party run further east to Visalia, CA.

Visalia is apparently a free city, with its own militia and governance. The wounded are taken to the hospital and after a small fortune changes hands, their recovery is assured by the medical staff. Those in fighting form soon take to the night life to clear the dust of the road from their throats.

Iron Man engages in a night of no rules bare knuckle fighting and secure tremendous winnings from the bookies and adoration from many fans. But come morning, not all accounts are settled and party members are owed considerable sums. Iron Mans new promoter turns out to be quite the handful and demands that he goes a full twelve rounds with her too - and that he must fight one bout to the death. Opponent to be announced later. Iron Man obliges.

The field marshall mingles with the well to do in his cashmere - mohair suit and learns that the city is hiring mercenaries. Apparently the thaw has brought about an intense interest in farmland and the means to water it. Several companies have representatives in Visalia bidding for the contract with the city council to be the ones to make sure that the city ends up controlling these resources. Grease and the FieldMarshal equip an armored truck to take the weary party home, and the marshall makes a deal with an old acquaintance to be his eyes on the ground.

Lt. Pain makes quite the impact on the social scene with his armor, unspoken threats and demeanor of imminent death, and a chance encounter reveals that although all Praetorians are bound by an oath of fealty - that loyalty still lays with General Pain and very strong convincing indeed seem necessary to extend the same loyalty to the LT.

At the hospital the critically wounded Doc Johnson lingers for days and nights in an induced coma the doctors hope will keep brain damage to a minimum. Recovery is slow but the young doctor is lucky - considering he took a round to the head - and is on the path to making a recovery. With nerveracking anticipation the day of removing the facial and head bandages arrive. With trembling fingers Doc Johnson unwrap the last strands of gauze and turns his head to look into the mirror the nurse his holding up for hiom to see his reflection....

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Old 01-21-2014, 02:21 AM
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Default Possible dates sessions weekendof the 21 feb or 28 feb

21.2 or 28.2 ???
at GPs pad??
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Old 01-22-2014, 03:55 AM
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Yes indeed. Looking forward to travelling in the old school armored truck.

28 it must be.
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