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Old 01-30-2023, 02:50 PM
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Default UGCV Uran-9

One unexpected bonus of picking up a copy of Twilight Nightmares is that the adventure "Warlord" centers around uncrewed combat vehicles and gives some ideas on how to portray them in T2k v2. As such, I decided to play around with the information available about Russia's Uran-9 UGCV.

The Uran-9 is an uncrewed ground combat vehicle designed in 2015, tested in the Vostok 2018 exercises, and deployed in Syria beginning in 2019. Itís intended to operate as a reconnaissance and fire support vehicle. Apparently the first operational deployment went very poorly, to the point that Iíll be providing stats for what the vehicle is supposed to be and a set of modifications for how it allegedly performed in Syria.

Around 350 of the vehicles have been built, and theyíre intended to operate with two vehicles being controlled by one command vehicle. Itís armored against small arms and shell fragments, but not anything heavier in order to keep the weight down to 10 tonnes. Armament consists of a 30mm 2A72 autocannon with 200 rounds, a coaxial 7.62mm PKT with 2000 rounds, a quartet of 9M120 Ataka anti-tank missiles, and either 6 or 12 Shmel-A incendiary rockets or 6 Igla or Strela surface-to-air missiles.

The vehicle is in constant communication with its control vehicle and acts on Initiative 3. Any crew hit or radio hit disables the vehicle.

Initiative: 3
Stabilization: Fair
Armament: 2A72 (see 30mm 2A42), PKT (see Kalashnikov PK), Ataka (see AT-9 Spiral-2), Shmel-A (see RPO Shmel)
Ammunition: 200 30mm, 2000 7.62mm, 4 ATGM, 6 or 12 thermobaric rockets
Fuel type: D
Vehicle Weight: 10 tonnes
Crew: None
Maint: 12
Night vision: Thermal Imaging
Sensor range: 6 kilometers day, 4 kilometers night
Communication range: 3 kilometers

Tr Move: 126/86
Com Move: 16/11
Fuel Cap: 600
Fuel Cons: 400

Config: Trt
Susp: T: 2
All facings armor 3

Modifications based on Syrian reports: reduce sensor range to 2 kilometers both day and night, reduce communication range to 500 meters, and reduce Initiative to 2.
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