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Old 03-14-2021, 02:01 PM
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Default Everyone's Project is Different, but many are sources for ideas.

So, just a few random things from my own campaign.

Vehicles: Project vehicles in my campaign run on the standard fusion power plants from 3rd edition, linked to an electric motor with an adapter that allows them to use the standard vehicle transmission. These power plants are mounted on a set of glide rails that are in turn mounted to the normal engine mounts of the vehicle. When servicing the fusion plant/motor, the unit t is detached from the transmission, and slides out of the engine compartment. When you're done, slide it back in. If you need to change out the electrical motor and power plant for a conventional engine that is normally found in that vehicle, just pull out the power plant/motor, detach it from the rails, and then dismount the rails. The mounts for the original engine are still there.

Weapons: The Project uses Stoner weapons, which use a proprietary magazine. In my own game, the Project modified their Stoner's to allow them to use STANAG magazines and the same links used by the M249. They are still capable of using Stoner mags, as well as Ruger, H&K, Steyr, and other 5.56x45mm magazines, either because the feed well is designed to handle them, or because the planners included easy to install adapters. As a result, any magazine that fits any of these weapons can be used by the Project.

Equipment and Updates: My PCs, if frozen before 1987, are always surprised to find that they no longer have multi-fuel engines and a trailer with a fuel-manufacturing still. Everyone is aware that the Project has fusion power, and that they were working on getting the plants small enough to fit into an XR-311, but that happened fairly late. Because the Project foresaw this eventuality, the power plants were made to easily swap in in placed of the engines (see above). Electronic devices, dating from the 1960s to 1970s, are still used by all teams, but most internal components were replaced with better electronics, more functions, etc. Similarly, my Project uses very few wooden crates/boxes. Most were replaced with Resistweave-doped plastic cases, which are airtight, waterproof to 20m or so, and, in many cases, float even when full. They have 5 AC for the contents, or 10 for anyone using them for cover (two sides).

Stores: The Project in my game fully expects to be up and running within the 5-year window. As a result, they have very few specialty farm vehicles, construction vehicles, etc. What they do have is huge stockpiles of vehicle electronic components, replacement parts, and overhaul kits. The Project expected to find huge numbers of vehicles that were abandoned due to lack of fuel/maintenance.

They also did not put in huge caches of construction material. There would likely be 5 to 10 homes available for each surviving family, due to the war and its aftermath. Repair and reuse were expected to be the main method of sheltering survivors.

There are a few Project hospital facilities, but lots of caches of medical supplies where the Project expected to find fairly intact hospitals that would just need repair and restocking to make active again.

What supplies of this type the Project does have are designed more for post-war disaster recovery. People, 5 years in, will have places to live. But if a tornado or earthquake or hurricane hits the survivor community, with no outside help, it will likely collapse. The Project in my game planned to support these communities, not build whole new ones.

There's more, of course, but I'm not trying to write a novel. If any of my ideas look good to you, by all means, use them.
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Old 03-14-2021, 05:24 PM
gamerguy gamerguy is online now
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Excellent. Thank you for posting and I agree this game is very much the sum of everyone's input. Each PD brings their own opinions, experience and direction to their game and it definitely benefits all of us to share.
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Old 03-15-2021, 02:46 PM
nuke11 nuke11 is offline
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Your idea for the fusion/internal combustion engine swap is very similar to what I've thought as well.

It keeps most of the vehicle intact and allows for a quick conversion process.
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Old 03-15-2021, 11:52 PM
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Default Got it from IRL...

My uncle does custom cars. He designed that rail system/transmission interface for putting electric motors in Model A Fords. He used to engineer refineries and such. Took that know-how into making race cars and rock climbers out of hundred-year-old automobiles.
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