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Old 01-22-2010, 01:07 AM
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Default Turmoil at home

Grimace 01-22-2006, 05:00 PM I just recently had a thought enter my head, what with the assorted groups protesting the "war" in Iraq and all. Assuming that things went the way, militarily, as they are listed in the Twilight History, what do you think the overall populace of each country...especially in the States...would have done with so many troops off to war and dying in combat, and then the spiral into nuclear war?

Can you just imagine protests, or do you think you'd have massive college revolts, and people going so far as to resist draft, resist enlistment, resist law enforcement and so on? I know there was some of this in WW2, but for the most part a great portion of America thought fighting in that war was the right thing to do. I'm not sure if there are as many here that would agree with the fighting in the Twilight WW3, and I was trying to figure out what would be the overall public response to such an event, especially as time went on and things got worse.

Any comments or thoughts on this?

Also, what do you from other nations think would happen in YOUR countries if your troops went off to war and started getting chewed up, and more and more troops were sent off, with none coming back and the war looking like it's going from bad to worse to UGLY?


DeaconR 01-22-2006, 05:15 PM I'm sure there would be protests, particularly since we'd be talking about WWIII, not a war limited to one or two countries. So you'd not just have the anti-war people but also people against a particular kind of conflict, the anti-nuclear people and as well you'd as always have some degree of disagreement in government. There would be some politicians and government leaders who would be in favour of one kind of settlement of a war, and others of another.

Running into such people would be a varied experience for players. For instance in Boston the pro-anarchy Megapunk leader Dain Dangerous hates the sight of uniforms and officialdom, and only something unusual would keep him from wanting to have them tormented and humiliated if possible, or killed if that would be too difficult.

On the other hand, lets imagine that you have another group, made up of civil libertarians. They might not shoot at first sight but they would certainly be highly suspicious of motives and intent of any military personnel they saw. They might even be friendly though if they found interests in common.

I read an odd post apocalyptic novel about a group of people who fled a holocaust of some kind to a peaceful isolated valley. People who were more like hippies or other counter culture radicals would be rather like civil libertarians.

I think that when you have things coming to the state they are in by the time the game starts for most people that anti war movements would be very different. I think that some of them might be whacko but most would be about practical things like not wasting more resources on the war, why police Germany when the USA/Canada is going to hell, that kind of thing.

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