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Old 10-13-2017, 08:39 PM
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Default Quick 3d mock up of a 6 man bolt hole

I was fooling about in the game Empyrion and decided to make up a few Morrow Installations.
The game engine has some nice items you can use in base building, but has a weird object placement system (only a single object inside a 2 metre cube, whether it is a wall, chair, plant or light etc)., so you can't always make things fit the way you would like, which is a shame...
Still it only took a short time:
I built it above ground so I could make over head shots, though I built a couple of bolt holes underground too.

I know its a bit blue, but i like that shade. The project will probably have military grey or green, or some colour with "psychological" benefits, but for my own campaign, Morrow Industries corporate colour is blue with gold text.

23 images, on imgur.

If anyone else has made 3d images, let's see them.
This was just a quick test to get a feel for a bolt hole.
Criticisms welcome !
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Old 10-15-2017, 01:19 AM
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That's pretty nifty.
I play Empyrion every now and then so I can fully appreciate the hassles with the block placement and trying to make vehicles. I recall that one of the items on the Empyrion wishlist was proper wheels so people could make ground vehicles and not just hovers and SVs pretending to be ground vehicles.

On a related note, I've never been fond of above ground bases in Empyrion, I always seem to start by digging a hole in a hillside and making a "bolt hole" - the fear of drone attacks is too strong!
(I play with high level of drone activity because they are such a good source of resources and pistol ammo).
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Old 10-15-2017, 03:27 AM
Sprocketteer Sprocketteer is offline
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yes object placement is bloody frustrating in Empyrion. Allowing us to mod in our own blocks or merge blocks would be great, but its amazing what can still be achieved in the game. I too prefer underground building. Just behind the camera are two more bolt holes buried in a hillside, basically the same design as this, but one has a two vehicle garage, and a mountain top control room.

I wish we had this kind of building/design tech 40 years ago when i started playing tabletop rpg's lol.
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