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Old 03-25-2021, 08:36 PM
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Default Get Checked!

Sadly, I lost my 83-year-old father on January 30th, 2021.
He died suddenly of something I was totally unprepared for. He suffered a stroke after a DVT blood clot broke loose from his left leg and lodged in his brain. My father was a vital and active man. He had just been trapping a few days before. Yes, my 83-year-old father was sloshing through knee-deep water with a 70 POUND pack basket (pulling his traps for the end of the season), a .22 pistol, waiters, and a 6ft walking stick just days before he died. His blood pressure was 120 over 62 at 83! NEVER would I have thought him a candidate for a stoke!

Please get yourselves check for this hidden killer. Your doctor can use a portable ultrasound to detect those blood clots hiding in your legs. Some symptoms include...

Tingling of the legs.
Cold or numbness of the legs (my dad complained of this).
Blue or grey tinging of the toes (blocked blood flow).
Extended or "varicose" veins in the LOWER CALF region.

If you have these symptoms, ask your doctor to ultrasound your legs. It could save your life. I'd hate to lose a forum member to a preventable condition which often strikes by surprise.

I'll miss you both mom and dad.
Robert J. Stell Jr. August 19th, 1937 to January 30th, 2021
Carolyn M. Stell March 22th, 1943 to December 19th, 2019

I'm posting this video (which has absolutely NOTHING to do with Twilight2000) because it was the embodiment of the man who taught me so many useful skills. Cohan The Barbarian's statement of "Having an old age was never part of any plan of mine..." sums up how my father lived his life. Thank God for my mother who was the family "anchor" that kept my father grounded. You should listen to the song at the end of the video. It is basically a sequel to the initial video and quite funny.


I will post what I've been promising to post once I get the rest of dad's estate in order.
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