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Old 01-21-2010, 11:40 PM
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Default musceum warships

Blackrider 11-09-2005, 08:44 AM there are more then a few former warships now being used as museums the former USS Kidd that i used for my thread on the Sea lord of Jacksonville is but one.. the battleship USS Alabama in Mobile AL. the carrier USS intrepid in New York, and docked next to the sailing ship USS Constitution is the fletcher class destroyer (same class as the former USS Kidd from me Sea lord thread) the USS Cassin Young sitting in Bosten

i have been asked, how did a former musceum ship in baton rouge end up in Jacksonville Fl. and why?

to answer the why first, i simple said that with ship losses during the war being so high, the number of replacement ships being built was not meeting the demand, so where do you get new cruisers and destroyers for the war? first im shure the navy depleted the mothball fleet go get as many as possible but i considered that some of this musceum ships were in very good condition and with a lil yard work could be put back in operation.

the older WWII Warships have a advantage over the newer warships in they had a higher level of armor protection then the newer ships, and arent as dependent on electronics to function, making them easier to mantain.

in my game world, the USS Stephen Mallory (exUSS Kidd) was refited in new orleans in mid 1997, then she was assigned to the mayport naval station, and thats how she got there

been working on a idea on the sister ship USS Cassin Young and how it could be brought in... any ideas


gstitz 11-09-2005, 07:20 PM I know a lot of the submarines became museums in the mid-70's. I think some of the surface ships became museums after that, so there are ALOT of possibilities.

The funny thing is, I'd never thought of using a museum ship in a campaign until seeing this thread...

Greg "Gunner" Stitz

Curator / Education Director

Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum

Home of USS Razorback (SS 394)


DeaconR 11-10-2005, 04:37 AM Interesting stuff Blackrider; and I am strongly encouraging you to go for broke with your ideas for "Sealord of Jacksonville".

I'd also like to suggest this: frequently in time of war enemy assets and materiel are simply given new names and numbers and used. Why not do that as well?

One module I never got to play or run but always wanted to was "Gateway to the Spanish Main".

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