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Old 12-05-2018, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Gelrir View Post
The V-150 of the Morrow Project is pretty jam-packed with all the issued gear, personal kit, etc. In fact the characters in our campaign start filling up the "tunnel" between the main hull and the rear door with "stuff" pretty quickly.

That said, for our current campaign there are a couple of conveniences:

The "non-Project" V-150 has fuel tanks in the wedge-shaped bow. These are inconveniently shaped and placed for non-liquid storage, so in the Project there are two water tanks in the bow; one for potable water, one for unfiltered water; the two tanks are connected by a ceramic filter (which has to be cleaned from time to time). Each tank has its own external filler (the original fuel tank fillers), and there are two taps inside the vehicle from the potable water tank -- one of taps has an "in-line" electric heater.

While food could be expected to be scarce after an Atomic War, presumably pots and pans will remain.

One point I notice in TM 1-1 (1st-3rd editions): "Each team knows the location of at least 6 caches throughout the country." It's not clear that any one cache is only known to one team.

Michael B.
Pretty much in every game I've ever played or PD'ed, the V-150 loses a couple of seats and the tunnel becomes a storage location with lockers lining the interior wall, even a chemical toilet near the rear exit. I usually place a small "travel" sink with two water taps near the left-side hatch on the engine bulkhead, with the small two water tanks at the front of the vehicle. The filter is accessed through a small exterior hatch on the bow of the vehicle.

As for the caches...TM 1-1 is always vague over what is meant by the size/location of the caches, its not until you get into the modules that there is even minor lip-service given as to content, with the six caches all being within (if memory serves) about 50-100 kilometers of the bolthole.

Most of the cache contents list I've seen are heavy in the bang-bang and goodies for the team, and remarkably light in materials to assist the survivors. Hence the numbers of threads we've seen trying to justify one point or another about this issue!
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