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Old 11-29-2018, 12:34 PM
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Default Manned Base Idea

This base is frozen but designed to provide electrical, water and waste water services to a sizable postwar area

It consists of 3 circular tunnels 1600 feet in diameter as dug by a Tunnel Boring machine (800 foot radius turns is about as tight as possible for these devices). These circles may be stacked atop each other or lay on the same level in some fashion. One circle is the "town", the second is the "plant" and the third is "support". The town has 50 single wide trailers which provide housing and such. The Plant has the power generation and distribution equipment and the support area has machine shops, laboratories, storage, communications, and such.
The crew is frozen and the tubes are in the plant ring.
It has a very large fusion plant, which is designed to be the energy source in the future. In addition it has a number of deep wells and can purify water by reverse osmosis or even boiling if need be (power is no object with a fusion plant). It can treat waste water in the same fashion, but is prepared to use less energy intensive and more traditional methods.
Solid waste including waste water sludge is "incinerated" with fusion power to reduce volume.

The base has two primary entrances, a “sally port” and a number of emergency exits. The two primary exits are not completed through to the surface. Holes have been drilled through the rock and charges are ready to go (carefully stored in the base magazine) to open these entrances once the base is awoken. The “sally port” is up a 2,000 foot tall elevator on top of the mountain under which the base shelters. It also has a ladder in case power fails. The emergency exits are the standard sand filled shafts that have a pit beneath them and a level that allows the sand to flow into the pit and leave the shaft clear for evacuations.
Both Primary entrances are large enough for trucks, one has a complete decontamination facility while the other does not. The idea is that if the area is hot the one with the decontamination zone will be used. If the area is not the simpler “in and out” will be used.

The town’s fifty trailers (or other mobile structures) are:
1 city hall
32 housing units
2 schools
3 mess hall units
1 kitchen
1 lounge
1 gym
1 craft shop
1 store
1 dispensary
1 surgery
1 theater
1 chapel
1 electrical substation
1 waste water/water pumping station

The base “crew” is
5 administrative
5 communication
25 heavy equipment operators
15 water/waste water/pipefitters
5 General Maintenance persons
15 high voltage
15 reactor techs
15 assorted medical including EMS/Fire
5 catering

They have 40 dependents total, so 140 persons.

The base is supported by 2 MARS and 2 Recon Teams
Mars A-2 mortar vehicles
Mars B-2 AT/AA teams
Recon A and B are both armed with something with a 25mm cannon

These teams are frozen in standard bolt holes and can be awoken by the base commander. They have a total of 8 caches, not six each and are located within 3 miles of the base main entrances.

The base has a number of modules that will need to be deployed from below ground, these include sensor packages, a meteorological station and communications arrays. Each is installed in a small vault. Some can be opened from within the base, others will need to be opened from outside. There are four basic sensor modules that can be activated without going on the surface as well as a pair of communications ones. They might not deploy properly if more than ten feet of earth is above them (they were buried on five feet)

So that is my basic idea. My team has just entered the base via the sally port, but has not gotten past its security post yet
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