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Old 04-05-2021, 08:18 AM
Desert Mariner Desert Mariner is offline
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Default The 28,000 Year Battery

I looked through previous discussions for batteries but only found passing mentions in fusion and alternate energy threads. This technological concept, first proposed in 2016 by the University of Bristol Cabot Institute is exactly what I envision as the type of game changer that BM could (would) have brought back for the Project to exploit.

From Tech Brief:
“The Nano Diamond Battery (NDB) is a high-power, diamond-based alpha, beta, and neutron voltaic battery that can provide lifelong and green energy for numerous applications and overcome limitations of existing chemical batteries. The NDB acts like a tiny nuclear generator. The power source for the NDB is intermediate- and high-level radio isotopes that are shielded for safety by multiple levels of synthetic diamond. The energy is absorbed in the diamond through a process called inelastic scattering, which is used to generate electricity. The self-charging process will provide a charge for the full lifetime of any device or machine, with up to 28,000 years of battery life.”

Further information:



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_battery (background only, no new info since 2017)

There are several other articles available via Popular Mechanics, ZM Science, AZO Nano among others.
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Old 04-05-2021, 10:05 AM
mmartin798 mmartin798 is offline
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I always try to find a way to scale technology like this with known quantities. If we can assume it scales linearly the prospects are good.

Using the only real numbers we have from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and some optimistic lithium-ion numbers the NDB is 23.8 times more energy-dense for the same weight. So if we use the Tesla battery pack as our reference at 85kWh weighing 540kg, an NDB of the same weight would generate 2MWh. Given that the densities of materials only be slightly higher, it would be about the same size.

The only possible problems are around the thermals. All the materials talk about maintaining the optimum temperature for the battery stack. The radioactive decay is constantly heating the stack. There may be a limit on how dense the cells can be packed, making the battery larger.
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Old 04-10-2021, 05:55 PM
nduffy nduffy is offline
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I started using NDB's for vehicle power as well as anything requiring batteries. I saw it as a great alternative to the 6 month to 1 year life of the fusion plants. If the players are smart and dont get foolish they have a pretty good thing going.. if they get reckless well the GM taketh away or breaketh it.. I also like the NDB concept overall.. a scaleable technology and cool concept..
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