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Default MP Campaign Dramatis Personae

Campaign Dramatis Personae

The major characters (player and non-player) in the campaign

Dominique Mackenzie <MacIntyre> (Karen McDougal), Team Leader: adult Caucasian female Charismatic 3/Leadership 7 (10th level).
Jacquelyn 'Jackie' Pace (Nicole Narain), Deputy Team Leader: adult African-American female Dedicated 3/Humanitarian Aid Worker 4(7th level).
SSG Brandon Andrew 'Bronco' Smith, Team Driver-Mechanic: adult Caucasian male Tough 3/Greasemonkey 4 (7th level).
Juliana 'Jules' Wilkerson (Kia Drayton), Back-up Team Driver-Mechanic: adult African-American female Fast 3/Transporter 4 (7th level).
TSgt. Annabelle 'Belle' Hart (Summer Glau), Team Communications Specialist: adult Caucasian female Smart 3/Specialist 4 (7th level).
CW3 Nathaniel Hale Spaight, Team Advanced Recon Specialist: adult Caucasian male Fast 3/Recon 4/Special Ops 2 (10th level).
Penelope 'Penny' Suchet (Lacey Chabert), Team Contact Specialist: adult Caucasian female Charismatic 3/Negotiator 4 (7th level).
SFC Douglas 'Doug' Ironhorse, Team Weapons Specialist: adult Amerindian male Strong 3/Assault 4 (7th level).
Yvette Nicolette St. Claire (Jayde Nicole), Team Engineer: adult Caucasian female Smart 3/Combat Engineer 4 (7th level).
Prof. Geneviève Aileen 'Gwen' Chandler ScD (Geneviève O'Connell), Team Applied Sciences Specialist: adult Caucasian female Smart 3/Field Scientist 4 (7th level).
DR Mariam Elaine 'Mary' Thompson MD (Linda O'Neill), Team Medical Specialist: adult Eurasian female Dedicated 3/Field Medic 4 (7th level).
SSG Isabella 'Izzy' Mendoza NP (Tasha Nicole), Assistant Team Medical Specialist: adult Hispanic female Dedicated 3/Combat Medic 4 (7th level).

Player Characters:

Non-Player Characters:


Personal Effects Satchel: Holy Bible (New Revised Standard Version), religious medals worn on dogtags (a stainless steel Cross, a St. Dominic's medal), a lockbox containing jewellery and various small personal knickknacks, a photo album, a container holding four 16GB zipdrives, a 2GB Amazon Kendall e-book reader, a 16GB MP3 player w/several sets of earphones & earbunds, a portable DVD player, a CD/DVD binder (), a stainless steel Utensil set (w/a spoon, fork & knife), a stainless steel Mess Kit w/a double-compartment plate & skillet w/folding handle,

The items in italics are examples of what some have in their personal effects satchel. The things in the personal effects satchel are for mental health, and keep those small things that would always help keep the person feel... human.

Personal Belongings Footlocker: a ruggedized Panasonic Toughbook laptop computer w/300GB HD & a rechargeable battery, a 60GB MP3 player w/ assorted music & rechargeable batteries, a personal CD & AM/FM Radio w/rechargeable batteries, a CD Collection binder (), 6 sets of earphones & earbuds, a portable DVD player, a CD/DVD binder (), 2 three-subject notebook w/2 pens and 4 pencils, a clipboard, a compartmental clipboard, lap desk, several sketch books, several ink pens & lead pencils w/spare lead, a couple of paperback novels, a couple of magazines, civilian clothing (), an olive drab towel set (3 towels, 3 hand towels and 3 washcloths), 2 Morrow Project brown berets, 3 tan & khaki digital camouflage Morrow Project resistweave combat utilities tunic w/Morrow Project and team patches on sleeves, 3 tan & khaki digital camouflage Morrow Project combat utilities shirts w/Morrow project & team patches on sleeves, 3 pairs of tan & khaki digital camouflage Morrow Project resistweave combat utilities combat pants, 8 sets of dark tan underwear (tee-shirts, boxer briefs or tee-shirt, sports bra, thong), 8 pairs of dark tan cushion soled socks, a pair of brown combat boots, 3 sets of spare boot shoestrings, a dark khaki all-weather trench coat, a brown cardigan sweater, a dark olive drab pullover sweater, a dark khaki windbreaker, a brown five-button sweater, 2 dark khaki digital camouflage field jackets, 2 physical fitness uniforms (2 tan tee-shirts, 2 pairs of dark khaki running shorts, 2 dark khaki sweat shirts, 2 pairs of dark khaki sweat pants, a lightweight light khaki windbreaker, and a pair of tan running shoes), 1 set of the Morrow Project Dress Uniform (khaki dress jacket w/patches & ribbons, light tan dress shirt, dark tan tie w/tie tack, khaki dress trousers or khaki dress skirt, khaki dress socks, brown dress shoes, a pair of light tan stockings & light tan garter belt, light tan tee-shirt, light tan underwear), 2 sets of the Morrow Project Informal Dress Uniform (color coded beret, short-sleeve khaki shirt w/Morrow Project & team patches, long-sleeve khaki shirt w/Morrow Project & team patches, light tan tee-shirt, light tan underwear, khaki cargo trousers, khaki web belt w/gold buckle, tan socks, brown boots, dark khaki windbreaker w/Morrow Project & team patches).

Bedding Bag: an olive drab folding cot w/a carry bag, an end-size olive drab cot storage bag, a half-sized or full-sized olive drab cot storage bag, an olive drab feather pillow, a khaki & olive drab wool blanket, an olive drab quit/comforter, a light tan pillow case, 2 light tan flannel sheets, 2 light tan flannel mattress sheets, a lightweight foam olive drab mattress, 2 olive drab sleep shirts,


Field Equipment/Gear: AN/PVS70 nightvision goggles & hard box w/rechargeable batteries, 4 sets of spare rechargeable batteries for flashlight in a ziplock plastic bag, Motorola Saber-1R two-way radio w/handmic &earphone, a maglight flashlight, 1 pocket knife/Leatherman/Gerber, a Trifold entrenching tool & carrier (combo shovel/saw/axe), 50' nylon rope, repelling harness, M40 Gas Mask, 2 MOPP suits, LBE (a pistol belt, a set of H-type suspenders, 2 5.56mm magazine pouch w/3 magazines each, a first aid dressing pouch, a compass pouch w/a lensatic compass, a pistol holster, 2 9mm magazine pouch w/2 magazines each, a radio pouch), 3 2-quart canteen w/canteen cover & canteen cup, a canteen cup cook stove, M9 bayonet w/scabbard (works with scabbard to serve as wire cutters, the scabbard also serves as bottle opener, screw driver, & sharpening stone), a crookneck flashlight, 3-day pack, 6 MREs, 10 Chemlight sticks (2 red, 2 green, 2 yellow, 2 orange, 2 blue), 2 Infrared Chemlight sticks, MOLLE system (includes a modular rucksack w/removable compartments & components, a fighting load vest, and an on-the-move hydration system), a boonie hat, a wool watch cap, a wool scarf, a wool sweater, a pair of black leather gloves, 2 pairs of wool glove liners, a poncho & poncho liner, a field jacket & field jacket liner, Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (parka & trousers), a set of Polypropolyne underwear, a spare pair of Uvex XC protective eye wear, 2 spare sets of Morrow Project resistweave combat utilities (combat shirt, tunic & trousers), 2 sets of underwear (tee-shirt, boxers/boxer-briefs or tee-shirt, sports bra, lightweight thong), 4 pairs of cushion soled socks, 1 pair of spare combat boots, 4 sets spare boot laces, 20 magnesium flares, a tube of sunscreen, a gun cleaning kit (contains: 1 Steel barrel rod with swivel handle, 3 Steel barrel rod extenders, 1 Double-ended nylon gun brush, 1 Shotgun adaptor, 1 Slatted patch holder, 1 Bottle of gun oil, 1 Package of cotton cleaning patches, 1 Silicon gun cloth), a personal first aid kit (2 syringes of morphine, 1 roll of sterile gauze, 1 roll elastic tape, several field dressings, antiseptic, burn cream, band-aids), a shelter half (canvas sheet, 4 metal tent pins, 3 section tent pole and 1 line), a camouflage GORE-Tex bivouac shelter, a waterproof bag, an extreme cold weather sleeping bag, an Isomat (foam sleeping pad), a 5-gallon solar shower, 2 water filters, a bottle of 20 water purification tablets, a magnesium firestarter, a Mess kit (can opener, pan, utensils), a personal commode, a field washstand, 4 bungee cords, 4 210rd bandoliers of 5.56mm ammo, 2 200rd SAW drums, a camp stove, 6 empty sandbags, a Montague ‘Paratrooper’ tactical folding all-terrain mountain bike.

Tactical Equipment: PASGT Ballistic Helmet (DM: +2; DR: 0; ACP: -1), D.A.P./M-Tac 300 Level IIIA Ballistic Vest (DM: +5; DR: 3; MDB: +4; ACP: -1), Under Armor shirt & leggings (DM: +1; DR: 2; MDB: +5; ACP: n/a), Knee/Elbow pads (DM: n/a; DR: 2; MDB: n/a; ACP: n/a).
Fuck being a hero. Do you know what you get for being a hero? Nothing! You get shot at. You get a little pat on the back, blah blah blah, attaboy! You get divorced... Your wife can't remember your last name, your kids don't want to talk to you... You get to eat a lot of meals by yourself. Trust me kid, nobody wants to be that guy. I do this because there is nobody else to do it right now. Believe me if there was somebody else to do it, I would let them do it. There's not, so I'm doing it.

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