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Default TMP short story

This is written based on V4 rules. I included an optional survival kit per person.

Comment and questions, please.

`I woke to the scream of the alarm in the bolt hole. A glance at the readout above my head told me what had happened. “Earthquake. Bolt Hole integrity compromised. Evacuate now. Regroup 6 miles SW.”

The top of my sleep tube was opening very slowly. Much slower than the lid had opened during our practice freeze. As I looked around, I could see the devastation wrought by the earthquake. The other sleep tubes and the V-150 APC were smashed beyond recognition. The boulder that should have killed me was balanced on the meeting table. My backpack, weapons and armor were buried under tons of rubble. Through the dust and the haze I could make out that the inner vehicle doors were open.

I removed the various electrodes from my skin and slowly climbed out of the sleep tube. Dizzy. I held onto the side of the tube to regain my equilibrium. After a few moments, the walls and floor stopped moving. I could stand without falling flat on my face.

There was a dull rumble beneath my feet. Time to go!! Adrenalin poured into my system. I grabbed my emergency kit from the storage area under my cryo-sleep tube. My next task was to get my ID card from the holder in the tube. I took another 10 seconds to slide my boots on and reach inside the tool storage unit that was next to my tube. The axe that was there grabbed my attention and a space in my hand. As I passed the bolt hole computer screen, I noticed “No NBC Contamination.” That would help for the immediate future. I stepped into the vehicle exit tunnel. The air was crisp and clean. A bright blue sky pulled me outside.

I staggered down a hill, away from the bolt hole. I got about two hundred yards away when there was another violent aftershock. The bolt hole and my comrades were swallowed into the earth. If I did not know better, I would not know that the hole had been at the top of this hill. I had made it! I was out.
I managed to walk another 500 yards away to make sure I was safe. I was in a small grove of trees. About 200 yards east of here was a small stream. I dragged my gear to the stream. I filled my canteen with water, and then used one of the water purification tabs I had to purify my drink. I ate one of the food bars and drank from my canteen.

That felt better now. I knew that it would take a day or so for my system to return to normal. By then, I knew that I would have traveled the six miles to the rendezvous spot. Then I would take stock again. I filled my five liter canteen and put in the water purification tabs needed to sanitize that much water.

I dressed in the clothes that were in my emergency kit. The weather was nice, so I did not need anything heavy.

Now I turned my attention to the portable radio. I listened to the airwaves for a good fifteen minutes. There was nothing. There was not even static. That meant I had no contact with Prime Base or any other Morrow team. But we had been warned in training that this might happen.

So…So far, things were not great but not as bad as they could be. I loaded the M6 rifle and the Black Widow revolver. I would need to find food within 4 days. The emergency kit was designed to keep you alive for a few days, but after that, you were on your own. I put the revolver in a shirt pocket that was accessible. I also found a way to tie the axe to the BOB. I can always use the axe for fire wood, or shelter building.

I took my compass from the survival kit and determined which direction South-west was. I said goodbye to my friends and team mates. I promised that I would register their names with graves registration as soon as I could.
I started to walk. I was very curious as to where I was going. All I knew was I had to walk six miles. Would I find a base? Would there be another team? How could I tell what was where?

The world seemed to be re-created. Nowhere in my walk so far did I see anything made by man. Was I alone? What had happened to the Project?
I continued to walk South West. I would sight an object, walk to it, and then choose another object that was along my way. I was making progress slowly but surely. Small creatures such birds and squirrels were in evidence. It seemed to be late summer or early fall. I saw lots of nuts on the trees and fruits on the many vines that draped the trees.
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