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Originally Posted by Rainbow Six View Post

One thing I thought was often overlooked in games was 'the dead guy's gear.' i had a brief exposure to a 4e online game and we had a dead guy in the Bradley when we started in media res. So I said to the GM 'what about his gear? What are we doing about that?' And he was like 'uh, what do you mean?' So I was like 'well surely the guy has gear.' And the GM was like 'we're not divvying up a dead NPC's gear.'
I saw a facebook post by Maciej Komaszyło about finding shelter in the TW2K world. He pointed out that 50% of the world died and many of those deaths were due to famine and disease. So empty houses/apartments/dwellings should be prevalent.

This is my thought as well. Were all the dead buried with their worldly possessions like Egyptian pharos? Prolly not.

I mean, the Ukranians are arming up with WW2 DP-27 MGs.


At the end of the world, people and not-easily manufactured consumables are going to be scarce, but relatively durable goods (Rifles, Bayonets, LBE components, Rucksacks - which 4e treats like unicorns BTW - etc.) are going to be plentiful, IMHO.
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