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Old 12-31-2009, 06:42 PM
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Default New PC Adventure

This is an adventure that I am working on, feed back please

We the People


We were just off the boat hadn’t even seen the clerks at the dockyard for our back pay, when this Colonel scoop us for a “Special Mission” I knew I should rip off that Ranger Tab.

Player Background

The PC’s have just return from Europe and are survivors of US Fifth Division Mechanized, they have opted to remain in the army under MILGOV control and have selected for a dangerous mission


The PC’s are to track down Colonel O'Hara, a highly decorated and revered super-patriot who has stolen The United States of America Declaration of Independence. Colonel O’Hara claims he's temporarily taken control of the document as a wake-up call to both MILGOV and CIVGOV who have lost sight of its true meaning. Government sources claim, however, that he's asking a ransom of one-half billion dollars for its return. It's up to the PC’s to figure out the good guys from the bad guys and safely reclaim the Declaration of Independence.

Referee’s Background


Before the Nuclear Weapons release the US Government launch a plan to protect their most import national documents (Operation Steadfast) among these was the Declaration of Independence. Most of them were stored at National Audiovisual Conservation Center, in Culpeper Virgina. After the bombs fell the Declaration of Independence was to moved overland to Omaha Nebraska to CIVGOV. CIVGOV had plan to use it as proof they are the one true government

The Convoy

The Convoy was just two vehicles an old 1985 US Postal Jeep Dispatcher and an unmarked FBI Dodge Caravan, the idea was not draw as much as attention, the route was designed to stay off the beaten track and travel by night. Two US Marshals and two FBI Agents were only security. A Satellite Phone kept in contact, the last check was made in as they stoped just outside of Jefferson Iowa. Two latter the radio broadcast happen.


The Convoy was ambushed as they left Jefferson along Highway 30. The Jeep was spotted in the morning by a forging party and since it bore US Postal Service Markings this made it a perfect target. The convoy never knew what hit them. Using small arms and gasoline bombs they killed all four agents and took weapons and equipment. (The PC will know until they reach the ambush site See Discovery section)

The Radio Broadcast

Two days later the Sons of Liberty broadcast a message on short band radio waves states that Declaration of Independence was in the hands of true patriots and new government would rise up and put an end to civil unrest and expel all traitors.

Sons of Liberty

This is a small band of Militia is lead by former Marine Colonel O'Hara, who founded the group after he’s return form Vietnam. The name is taken from of secret organization of American patriots which originated in the Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolution. They long belive that the end of current US from of government was at an end. Once the war started they started to stockpiling food and ammo, preparing for the dawn of a new country. After Thanksgiving the group started spread the word and recruiting followers. However while they found a few people to join there ranks but most wanted nothing to do with them. Instead of greeting as liberators they chased as bandits by the State Guard and law enforcement units. The unit current strength is about 60 men and women

Camp Dodge

Before the war camp Dodge served as the home to the Iowa Army National Guard, as war drew closed the camp also serve a training and man base for the Iowa State Guard. At present it hosues a cannon of about 900 Soilders from the 34th Infantry Division who oversee food distrubtion and power generator projects in Iowa. The post alos serves a Infantry Replacement Depot and as the State Guard training and riding school.

Iowa State Guard

The Iowa State Guard was started 1993 with around 250 men, as more of the ANG was called up training, membership grew. The State trained and equipped the guard the best it could Bushmaster AR-15 and Ruger Mini-14 were purchased to offset the M14 and M1 Grand that Federal Government provided and state prison work programs provided body armor and uniforms and LBE. Training was done with retired US Army personnel and a few state police officers. To combat the lack of proper patrol vehicles it was decided that horses would used to supplement were possible, it also encourage persons with military type vehicles to join the State Guard, the end results was 950 man guard with about 300 horses and 2 M3 Halftracks, 2 Greyhound Scout Cars, one Sherman Tank, and 22 M-151 Jeeps, 6 CUCV and 20 Civilian/Police Jeeps. At any given time about one quarter of the guard is called up for patrol duties with the 34th Infantry Division or The State Police.
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