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Old 05-19-2009, 02:11 PM
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Default New North American states (Morrow Project)

Will be posting the write-ups of new states in North America and pictures of their flags on this thread.

(Maxwell's Militia): One of the successor states that had been founded and protected by the so-called "Maxwell's Milita" that owes it's creation to the last-ditch efforts of FEMA to establish a federal government that could coordinate a stable recovery. Unfortuantely do to many of the policies that had been enacted during the crisis, the status of DeePees (originally D.P. for Displaced Person) has devolved into a form of indentured servitude to outright slavery.

(New Presidency)
(New Confederacy)
(Morrow Project Community/Colony)
(Five Families)

Allied States of America
Union of American States

Tim and I worked on some ideas for the flag of the Kentucky Free State, and this is one of them (i'll post the rest as soon as i can find them).

A couple of flag proposals for the Morrow Project. I'm trying to come up with the flags of some long-established Morrow Project Communities (some of the teams who'd been awaken in the past 150 years that had actually created a few small stable communities really should have been established.. of course they could be considered 'new presidencies' but i'm still thinging about this).

Flags of some of the 'New Presidency' states

this is a socialist republic in the UP of Michigan that made an appareance in my campaign, that got it's start in the Damocles module and slowly grew into a major long running multi-adventure campaign. It was one of the first communities to join the loose confederation of communities that was established of the Morrow Project Combined Operations Group in the UP.

The flag of the Survivalist movment that had developed based upon the writings of a fictional writer in my campaign. The writer was a member of the Morrow Project, and his books where published by a subsidary of a subsidary of a subsidary (if you get the idea) of Morrow Industries. The writer is actually Bruce Edward Morrow, but the husband and wife team who makes public appearances are actually MP members that had been 'hired' to handle the 'ghost writing' of these books.

The United Mine Workers Commune, a communist republic whose government had started out as a Mine Workers Union that now totally dominates the states political landscape. Much like the Communist or Socialist Parties in most communist and socialist states.

These four flags are some works in progress that i've been playing with. The last is one of the Islamic Republics that has come ino being in the American landscape post-Did I do that?

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