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Old 03-14-2010, 09:58 PM
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Default Syrian OOB

Evil Game Master

Syrian OOB


Headquarter + reserves
Assad Armored Bde (800 men, 10 T-72)
8th Arm Bde (600 men, 6 T-62)
11th Inf Bde (600 men)
12th Arm Bde (700 men, 5 T-62)
32nd Inf Bde (600 men)
42nd Mech bde (800 men, 4 T-55)
2nd Commando Group (500 men)
8th Commando group (600 men)

Syrian I Corps (border to Israel)
5th Mech Div (1.300 men, 8 T-72)
7th Mech Div (1.700 men, 6 T-72, 5 T-62)
14th Arm Bde (400 men, 2 T-55)
15th Arm Bde (500 men, 4 Centurion Mk3/5)
52nd Mech Bde (300 men)
4th Commando Group (250 men)

Syrian II Corps (border to Jordania)
9th Mech Div (1.900 men, 12 T-72)
19th Inf Bde (450 men)
91st Arm Bde (400 men, 2 Centurion Mk3/5)
123rd Inf bde (600 men)
6th Commando group (300 men)

Border to Turkey
89th Infantry Bde (700 men)

Syrian IV Corps (as RDF Sourcebook)

I have uised some historical docemnts on this, still the commando groups is a fabrication of my mind.




Your post reminded me about something I've been wondering... In the NATO Vehicle Guide it mentions a Turkish Division watching the Syrian Border. It has only 900 men listed and since I don't yet have RDF Sourcebook, was there mention of any engagements between Syria and the Turks to account for such a weakened unit?
The Fusilier


Evil Game Master

Well, that Bde watching the Turkey border is back uped by the reserve force at Headquarters. And the 89th has its base in Aleppo (Halab). What I forgot to write is location for entire Syrian Army. But the Turkish Army cannot really move upon Syria becouse of the tention between Grecce and USSR. Also you must remind yourself of the mountaines country of turkey they don't easilly move a corps or anything easilly exept on roads, and there are only one hub you could move from turkey to syria and thats thru Halab. The eastern hub is near USSR troops. So therefore the 89th guard the northern frontier and the headquarters BDEs is kept as reseve either if Israel, Jordania or Turkey would attack, the later not really possible.
You should consider that at least 2 of the brigades from reserve forces is between Halab and Damascus (it aint just written).

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