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Default Us Sfg Oob


Us Sfg Oob
Here's part 4-1, this is still a work in progress. At some point in the future I hope to Special Operations units from the other services.



Appendix J: Pre-War Special Operation Forces

1. SOCOM (Army) HQ - Ft Bragg, NC

a. 1st Special Forces Group – AOR Pacific Command - Ft Lewis, WA
1) 1st Battalion – Okinawa, JP
2) 2nd Battalion
3) 3rd Battalion
4) 1st SFG Support Company

b. 3rd Special Forces Group – AOR European Command, Africa - Fort Bragg, NC
1) 1st Battalion
2) 2nd Battalion
3) 3rd Battalion
4) 3rd SFG Support Company

c. 5th Special Forces Group – AOR Central Command - Ft Campbell, KY
1) 1st Battalion
2) 2nd Battalion
3) 3rd Battalion
4) 5th SFG Support Company

d. 7th Special Forces Group – AOR Southern Command - Ft Bragg, NC
1) 1st Battalion
2) 2nd Battalion
3) 3rd Battalion
4) 7th SFG Support Company

e. 10th Special Forces, Group – AOR European Command - Ft Devens, MA
1) 1st Battalion – Bad Tolz, FRG
2) 2nd Battalion
3) 3rd Battalion
4) 10th SFG Support Company

f. 11th Special Forces Group – USAR - Ft Meade, MD
1) 1st Battalion - ????
a) B Company - Newburgh, NY
2) 2nd Battalion - ?????
3) 3rd Battalion- Atlanta?, GA
4) 11th SFG Support Company – Ft Meade, MD

g. 12th Special Forces Group – USAR – Arlington Heights, IL
1) 1st Battalion - ????
2) 2nd Battalion – Seattle, WA
3) 3rd Battalion – Los Alamitos?, CA
4) 12th SFG Support Company – Arlington Heights, IL

h. 19th Special Forces Group – UT NG - AOR CentCom and PACCOM – Camp Williams, UT
1) 1st Battalion – UT NG
a) A Company – WA NG
b) B Company – UT NG
c) C Company – UT NG
d) Support Company – UT NG
2) 2nd Battalion –WV NG
a) A Company –RI NG
b) B Company – OH NG
c) C Company – WV NG
d) Support Company – WV NG
3) 5th Battalion – CO NG
a) A Company – CA NG
b) B Company – CO NG
c) C Company – CO NG
d) Support Company – CO NG
4) 19th SFG Support Company – UT NG

i. 20th Special Forces Group – AOR SouthCom - Birmingham, AL
1) 1st Battalion- AL NG
a) A Company – AL NG
b) B Company – AL NG
c) C Company – MA NG
d) Support Company –AL NG
2) 2nd Battalion –MS NG
a) A Company – IL NG
b) B Company – MD NG
c) C Company – MS NG
d) Support Company – MS NG
3) 3rd Battalion – FL NG
a) A Company – FL NG
b) B Company – VA NG
c) C Company – FL NG
d) Support Company – FL NG
4) 20th SFG Support Company – AL NG

j. 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger) - Ft Benning, GA
1) 1 -75th Infantry Battalion (Ranger) - Ft Stewart, GA
2) 2 -75th Infantry Battalion (Ranger) - Ft Lewis, WA
3) 3 -75th Infantry Battalion (Ranger) - Ft Benning, GA
4) Ranger Training Brigade – Ft Benning, GA
a) 4- 75th Infantry Battalion (Ranger)
b) 5- 75th Infantry Battalion (Ranger)
c) 6- 75th Infantry Battalion (Ranger)

k. 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment - Ft Campbell, KY
1) 1- 160th Aviation Battalion (Spec Ops)
2) 2- 160th Aviation Battalion (Spec Ops)
3) 3- 160th Aviation Battalion (Spec Ops) – Hunter AAfld, GA
4) 4- 160th Aviation Battalion (Spec Ops)
5) D Co/ 160th Aviation Regiment (Spec Ops) – Roosevelt Roads, PR
6) Training Co/ 160th Aviation Regiment

l. Special Operations Detachment Delta - Ft Bragg, NC

m. Special Forces Detachment, Korea – Seoul, ROK
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