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Old 09-10-2008, 02:49 AM
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Default Fire In the Hole!

kcdusk 04-18-2008, 07:17 PM .

I've tabbed down this far so you couldnt read any intro lines to see what this thread is about without having to enter the thread ... so having got you here now ...

C'mon guys!

Fire up?

Where have all the posts gone??? Theres been no posts for days ...

OK. Thought starter for you. Its not quite T2K. And its not quite zombie strippers. Instead um, a friend of mine. A close friend. Is thinking of dropping out of his normal life and going "on the run". How would you go about doing this so you couldnt be found?

I'm thinking you'd have to do things like fill your car up with petrol, and a jerry can, days before you go "under the rader". Otherwise the police could review petrol station CCTV to see which station you used and then they also know you have a full tank, and can estimate your range from there ... then they just need to get the right direction of travel.

Other things to consider would be tinned food, cash not credit cards, and i would say going to a place you had never been before. Only because if you dissappeared police/relatives would be most likely to search fav holiday destinations etc.

Other thoughts of things to consider when dropping off the rader (mode of travel, food, money, how to live etc )???


weswood 04-18-2008, 09:41 PM I'm not sure it's possible to go totally under the radar. Maybe my mind isn't as criminal as most people think, but even in some of the cheaper hotels, I've had to fork up a credit card even when I've made it clear I was paying in cash. Plus I'm not sure how bad Australia is, but we've got street cameras all over, not just gas stations. Big Brother really is watching you know.

Clear out the banks accounts, maybe even sell your car for cash. Hitchhike, or maybe take a bus ( I don't know if bus lines require IDs). Go as far as you can, save some money to buy a beater car for cash, never change the title or registration. Get day jobs- tons of illegal aliens get them around here by standing around certain places, mostly large lumber yards/hardware stores. They'll pay cash, and not check IDs. finding a place to live might be difficult- maybe hit the want ads and find someone who needs a roommate, where any lease contracts and utility bills would be in someone else's name.


thefusilier 04-19-2008, 05:40 AM Tell him to live in Laos or Cambodia.


Targan 04-19-2008, 05:49 AM KC your question and your sig prompted me to recall a scene from Apocalypse Now when Captain Willard reads the contents of an intel update received in the mail he picked up at the Do Long Bridge. The dossier contains the intel profile on, and last known correspondence sent by, Captain Richard Colby, US Army Special Forces who was the previous man sent to "terminate the command" of the renegade Green Beret Colonel Walter Kurtz. The intel update advised Willard that Colby was believed to have abandoned his mission and joined Kurtz. Included was a copy of a letter Colby had attempted to send to his wife back in the USA which I Corps COMSEC had intercepted. The letter read:

Sell the house

Sell the car

Sell the kids

Find someone else

Forget it

I'm never coming back

Forget it!!!

You may recall that in the scene where Willard arrives at Kurtz's camp Captain Richard Colby is the truly psycho-looking, cammoed-up, shotgun-wielding dude who is staring at the boat from the riverbank.


Headquarters 04-21-2008, 02:32 AM if he is going to hide -

planning is alfa and omega.

hiding for a period with relatively warm weather is not too hard - get a bicycle with some packs ,some camping gear and trek out to were there are no cameras and were campers and hikers usually would go.Popular hiking routes -so that you wont be the only geezer with a backpack out there .Bring supplies and cash.Move around .Dont bring a cell phone that can be connected to you.Stick to your self-keep your distance.Bring books so you wont go out of your skull being alone so much.scope it out on a map first so you dont end up standing in line with a lot of sweaty familyies wer eall the kids yell -look ma -its the bad man from the telly!!make sure it is big.try to stay away from transportation tha require id etc to get there .

hiding for the long haul is more complicated

planning to be lonesome is what most runners forget .After some time almost everyone longs for home and make contact.phonecall,email,postcard..big no-nos!And not only your old life -laying low and keeping to your self is pretty much priority no . 1 for a runner.Forget about being the life of the party.Dont ever get to know anyone so well that they would invite you to a party.

also planning for the run means acknowledging that its going to be dreary.

you need to plan to stay away from all assosciates,former preferred locations and anyone you know-meaning relocate .

but before you go consider that almost everyone on the run gets busted while trying to secure basic commodities like



money ( well it is a basic commodity in my mind)

so the thing is ,before you run :

find employers that will pay in cash and not ask to many questions first

find several

find lodgings that does not require ID first

find several

get rid of the tracks you made by searching - do not use your own phone while calling around inquering,take your computer with you so they cant run the logs ,make sure no one knows what you are up to ..(Prank :Turn of your phone and hide it in a train or bus or trailer that makes the long routes -if they ever look for it you will be moving about from node to node..)

make up a good cover story and practice every day .(Answer the difficult questions to your self - why ? being the one that most people ask themselves -and you..) . Be wise.Add as little drama as possible to your story so as not to attract attention.keep the lies close to the truth to make it easier .make it uninteresting-most people want to interest others -dont!

The death of a loved one can be brought up as a deterrent for further conversation ,if you are in a thight spot -but should be used sparingly .Keep it in at least two layers. the simplest layer being who you are and were you are from and some tidbits about background and for the rare occasions you need to talk at length -some more personal and factual stuff. Know it backwards and forwards.people talk ,and once you forget and tell two people that know eachother different answers to the same question -new questions will follow.

bring as much cash as you can - it will carry you over until you can get a cash job with little or no questions asked.

never stop running - plan ahead for your next jump from were you are now at all times.( i.e find new employers,lodgings etc somewhere new shortly after getting somewhere -be ready to relocate at short notice)

appearance is important - keep your self clean and tidy ,but dont stand out .

wear a baseball cap and look down while moving in urban areas.always assume these areas are being monitored.

move around as little as possible- once you have relocated to lodgings and found source of income .Lodgings-safe route to work-grocery store -lodgings : its pretty much all you REALLY need.

Of course - finding a tropical paradise with no extradition agreement and flying there with all your cash will work for some time .Loose your self in a populated area somewhere .

here is a useful link - just find a country not on the list and do some research on it ..probably the best way to run -you dont have to go totally undercover and you can still be yourself in a way .laying low is stil a priority but not super crucial.


anyways - why run ? It is only going to be a sad story for everyone involved.relatives ,friends and family will worry.You will be pretty much all alone most of the time.

If something bad has been done - better give himself up.

all in my humble opinion of course.

ps-this email should be read as a merry ditty on the subject of crime and punishment , and in no way do I by its content mean to encourage anyone to commit any unlawful or immoral acts or to not take the responsibilty of such acts .

God Save the Queen!


kcdusk 04-22-2008, 03:14 AM Hey, some great ideas there headquarters.

Books that remind of me this kind of thing are the original "running man" by John Bachmann (stephen king, one of the best books i have ever read), and even Logans run.


General Pain 04-22-2008, 04:58 AM Hey, some great ideas there headquarters.

Books that remind of me this kind of thing are the original "running man" by John Bachmann (stephen king, one of the best books i have ever read), and even Logans run.

the running man was excellent


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