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Old 01-08-2009, 03:46 AM
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Default Operation advanced crown OOB (archive)

This is entirely archives and it has a thread of its own as I couldn't imagine how to fit it to a country thread.

Operation Advent Crown OOB 1 April 1997
29th Panzer Division
199th US Infantry Brigade (Berlin)
6th US Marine Regiment
3rd Dutch Royal Marine Group

304th US Civil Affairs Brigade
308th US Civil Affairs Brigade
3rd US Special Forces Group (Airborne)
4th US Psychological Operations Group
10th US Special Forces Group (Airborne)
170th US Special Operations Aviation Regiment
US Special Forces Operational Detachment – Zulu

21st US Theatre Support Command
377th US Theatre Support Command
43rd US Area Support Group
213th US Area Support Group
226th US Area Support Group

I Allied Airborne Corps
11th US Airborne Division
1st UK Airborne Brigade
173rd US Airborne Brigade
25th Fallschrimjager Brigade

II Netherlands Korps (responsible for port and airfield security in the Netherlands)
302nd Infantry Brigade
304th Infantry Brigade
305th Engineer Group
3rd Royal Netherlands Marine Group

Danish Homeland Command
1st Zealand Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
2nd Zealand Brigade (Mechanized Infantry)
Den Kongelige Regimental Combat Team (Motorized Infantry)
Princens Liv Regimental Combat Team (Motorized Infantry)
Garde Husa Regimental Combat Team (Motorized Infantry)
II Opklarings bataljon (Armored Recon)
Bornholm Regimental Combat Team (Motorized Infantry)

X FRG Polizei Korps
1st Polizei Division
2nd Polizei Division

XI FRG Polizei Korps
4th Polizei Division
5th Polizei Division

XII FRG Polizei Korps
3rd Polizei Division
6th Polizei Division

2nd German Army
27th Fallschrimjager Brigade

I FRG Korps
1st Panzer Division
3rd Panzer Division
7th Panzer Division
IV FRG Korps
6th Panzergrenadier Division
8th Jager Division
Jutland Mechanized Division (Denmark)
VII FRG Korps (Formed from NVA 5th Army)
21st Panzergrenadier Division
22th Panzergenadier Divison
28th Panzergrenadier Division

British Army of the Rhine
UK Berlin Infantry Brigade
9th UK Army Air Corps Regiment
UK Artillery Division
6th UK Airmobile Brigade
I UK Corps
1st UK Armored Division
3rd UK Armored Division
5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards
The Royal Hussars
II UK Corps
2nd UK Armored Division
4th UK Armored Division
The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
The Queens’ Royal Irish Hussars
I Netherlands Korps
1st Ne Infantry Division (Mechanized)
4th Ne Infantry Division (Mechanized)
5th Ne Infantry Division (Mechanized)

3rd German Army
Panzergruppe Oberdorf
21st Panzergrenadier Division (formerly 1st DVA MRD)
5th US Infantry Division (Mechanized)
27th Fallschrimjager Brigade
116th US Armored Cavalry Regiment
5th Panzer Division
12th Panzer Division
2nd Panzer Division
V FRG Korps
11th Jager Division
14th Jager Division

7th US Army
18th US Engineer Brigade
32nd US Air Defense Command
210th US Artillery Brigade
III US Corps
1st US Cavalry Division
2nd US Armored Division
3rd US Infantry Division (Mechanized)
3rd US Armored Cavalry Regiment
212th US Field Artillery Brigade
214th US Field Artillery Brigade
V US Corps
3rd US Armored Division
3rd US Infantry Division (Mechanized)
8th US Infantry Division (Mechanized)
4th Canadian Infantry Brigade Group (Mechanized)
41st US Field Artillery Brigade
42nd US Field Artillery Brigade
11th US Armored Cavalry Regiment
VII US Corps
1st US Armored Division
1st US Infantry Division (Mechanized)
72nd US Field Artillery Brigade
2nd US Armored Cavalry Regiment

4th US Army
IX US Corps
35th US Infantry Division (Mechanized)
28th US Infantry Division (Mechanized)
40th US Infantry Division (Mechanized)
107th US Armored Cavalry Regiment

4th US Infantry Division (Mechanized)
38th US Infantry Division
30th US Armored Brigade
278th US Armored Cavalry Regiment
VIII FRG Korps (Formed from NVA 3rd Army)
27th Panzer Division
28th Panzergrenadier Division

1st German Army
II FRG Korps
10th Panzer Division
4th Panzergrenadier Division
1st Gerbirgsjager Division

VI FRG Korps
9th Jager Division
15th Jager Division
16th Jager Division
IX FRG Korps (Formed from NVA 1st Army)
26th Panzergrenadier Division
212th Panzergrenadier Division
211th Panzergrenadier Division

X FRG Polizei Korps fromed from DDR Grenzkommando Nord
XI FRG Polizei Korps formed from DDR Grenzkommando Sud
XII FRG Polizei Korps formed from DDR Grenzkommando Mitte

Only 908 pages to go.
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